Lisa Sasso

Executive Coach- Medical Device Professional Mom to a Miracle Son at Medical Development Partners, LLC.

Medical Devices

Boston, MA, USA


As an Executive Coach, Lisa Sasso, CPCC, ACC, empowers aspiring leaders and executives in the medical device and life sciences fields on setting/achieving personal and professional goals, maintaining work/life balance, following their passion and ultimately reaching their greatest potential.

As an entrepreneur, Lisa experienced the challenges of working on novel medical devices. She demonstrated her leadership skills as co-founder of Radi Medical Systems, Inc., a high-tech medical device company specializing in innovative cardiology products (wholly owned subsidiary of a multinational firm). During her six-year tenure as president/CEO, she grew the company from inception to revenues of $28M with profitability. Lisa was recognized and ranked #28 out of 100 Women Led Businesses in Massachusetts in 2004.

Lisa is an inspiring motivational speaker who has delighted audiences including entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals, working mothers, people in transition and students. Lisa received a BBA in marketing and BA in economics from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Bentley University. Then Lisa went on to become a certified coach through Coach Training Institute (CTI) and also the International Coach Federation (ICF).


1) my miracle son
2) helping Professionals to achieve their goals (personal and professional),
3) Honor their Values & their Passions
4) Live their life in Balance and also with Gratitude

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I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


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Best Story

Taking a Medical Device Company from $0 to $28M in 5 years with profitability. In the beginning, I was a one women show. Promoting a disruptive technology that changed physician practice and ultimately the technology and the methodology became a standard of care and it still is to this day. My territory was the US and I was on the road constantly. I had my neighbor, Tina, checking my answering machine to see if any customers placed an order. If they did Tina would prepare the order and FedEx would come to pick up the orders from my house. In the end, Radi Medical Systems, Inc. had over 60 employees and an office facility in Wilmington that was approximately 10,000 square feet. A few years after I left Radi Medical Systems, Inc. to have my "miracle son" the parent company was sold for $250 M to St. Jude Medical.

Origin Story

From a young age, I knew that I was destined to be an entrepreneur. I have always enjoyed sales, marketing, customer relations and business building. I always had great vision to see what was possible from any situation. My first real job (from 10-17) was as a papergirl for the Boston Globe. I built my customer base for 17 to 77 customers, earned a trip to Spain as a Young Ambassador and also received a $5,000 paper-route to college scholarship. I also developed a sought after babysitting business among my paper-route clients and had over a dozen families that I worked with. Finally, one of my clients from my paper-route was an entrepreneur. She hired me as she was starting her own catering company (Eats meets West). From her I learned the importance of running a profitable business. In college, I pursued a dual degree. I earned both a BBA in Marketing and a BA in Economics in only 4 years. Then I worked in retail for a company that said that they hire "future vice presidents" for the 5 years getting promoted annually. Finally, I changed into the Medical Device Industry and CR Bard- USCI Division paid for me to receive my MBA in Management. My vision was to someday build my own company and continue with my entrepreneurial dreams. I was very fortunate to achieve this less goal in less than 6 months after graduation when I co-founded Radi Medical Systems, Inc.