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I am a SuperPower aficionado and mother of 2. My “Journey” started as a fitness instructor 30+ years ago. Since then, I have expanded my endeavors, from a biomechanics and resistance training expert to nutritional guru, mind-body coach, author of SuperPowers, A Busy Woman’s Guide to Health and Happiness, and women’s advocate for healthy living. I hold a degree in Holistic Nutrition, is am a Lv3 Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the Chek Institute, and have been accredited by several health organizations. I have had the privilege to train thousands of fitness professionals’ worldwide and often speaks at schools, Fortune 500 companies, and private organizations on the benefits of quality foods, longevity, and amazing health.

My mission…encourage individuals to live Inspired. I want to bring out the challenges and offer solutions to make SuperPowers shine and life thrive on!


For me, SuperPowers reflects our health, energy, and vibrancy for life. When I can see the lightbulb turn on in a client or participant as it applies to their health and well being, I know I have done my job. These are the moments that make me smile. Too many individuals are living a life half lived, attempting to get through the day with a smile few and far between. My passion is to inspire health, I teach health as exercise and movement, sleep and relaxation, food and nutrition, and happiness - these combined inspire true health.

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Best Story

Sometimes we live our lives sharing with others while placing ourselves in the background. Unfortunately, I placed myself back once I was married, my light stopped shining, yet I still inspired and encouraged so many. Now divorced, is where I can clearly see how and why I placed myself back, I have taken my 4 pillars of health to heart and am now living that life that I have worked hard to provide for so many. I have felt, first hand, how different my health, attitude, and energy has changed by using my own tools of health. It may sound strange, but sometimes our own experiences and stories can provide so much to so many.

Origin Story

Our story brings about the aspect which makes us who we are today, a compilation of our values, passions, and inspirations that we can hopefully pass on to others. I call myself a "SuperPower aficionado" because my journey has taught me how incredible our SuperPowers really are!

I started this “Journey” as a certified fitness instructor 30+ years ago (but I am not old, so don't judge). Since I started I expanded my endeavors to specialize in everything from biomechanics and resistance training expert to nutritional guru, mind-body serenity coach to author and women’s advocate for healthy living (yes, I realize that is a total mouthful!).

It’s not an easy road but it sure was a fun one. By the age of 16, I had taught my first aerobics class in San Antonio, Texas. By the time I was 18, I was invited to teach at the world’s first group exercise convention, IDEA Fitness in Los Angeles, alongside fitness legend, and mentor, Ken Alan. This spearheaded my fitness career and the world became my huge playground. With accounts reaching from the US to Hong Kong, to Spain and beyond, I maintained a constant global travel schedule teaching both classes and lectures to thousands of fitness professionals on everything imaginable “fitness” (can you tell I love what I do?).

During this same time, I made it a priority to amplify my knowledge and credentials; I attended the University of Miami in the area of exercise physiology and received a certificate in Advanced Health and Fitness Management. Soon after that, I completed my academics from The Clayton College of Natural Medicine, where I attained my Bachelors of Science degree with high honors in Holistic Nutrition. This left me craving more; so I continued to attend other courses and national certifications. This definitely paid off, giving me several faculty member positions to numerous health and fitness organizations across the country.

With my parents as medical doctors, preventative health became my gig and although I had never considered myself a writer...I began writing for several health and fitness publications and since launching my writing career, I become the “go to” expert for writing and developing specialty program training manuals. I created the YogaBall program, which sold at Marshalls and TJ Max, the Mat Pilates program exclusively for YMCA’s across the country, and the Fierce4 Nutritional Coach, an 8-hour nutritional coaching certification for fitness professionals. As a professional speaker, I have had the opportunity to design and present programs to universities, Fortune 500 companies, educational conferences, and professional associations.

SuperPowers of this magnitude illuminate, and then there are always the few twists and turns life likes to share. Somewhere in the midst of it all, a car accident broke my vertebra and, although I recovered rather quickly, it left me looking at life with fresh eyes. Fitness was still important, but health and wellness became more prevalent than ever. I began seeing how quality foods, as well as sleep and recovery, were a vital component of overall health and vitality. My lectures and writings all began to reflect this new direction and life continued on a new path. In 2004, I married and soon after, two little ones took over the limelight. Pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting were nothing like the movies. This is where I first realized that my SuperPowers were dwindling; like most new moms who had spent most of their lives with a career first, I had no idea what to do or how to equalize both.

For SuperPowers to flourish there needs to be a balanced combination of exercise, nutrition, sleep, relaxation, and happiness. I began to realize the true meaning of SuperPowers as that “thing”, it is that unstoppable zest for life, the overflowing energy, the Bing, Bang, Boom that makes someone AMAZING. It’s a tough job, and only the strong do survive, but as with any training regime… you need to train in order to become stronger! In 2007 I harnessed all of my talents and set out to create a plan that would change how I felt each and every day. I wanted my energy back, I wanted to feel the empowering feeling of helping others, and I wanted to feel great no matter how much was placed in front of me. When you want to motivate and ignite the SuperPowers in others you have to charge yourself up first.

My mission now…Inspire women to live life with their true potential in the forefront. Share the easiest ways of incorporating healthy rituals so that they become lifelong habits. And through social media, blog posts, and video I want to bring out the trials and tribulations of life and offer solutions that can be easily incorporated into one’s day to make SuperPowers shine and life thrive on better than ever!

Example talks

Growing an Adult from Scratch

The moment you give birth is the moment that you take on the responsibility of "growing an adult from scratch". Now, this should not be overwhelming but it should guide you to become more conscientious of the habits and lifestyle you are going to teach this little one about. Food is fuel and teaching them about the right food choices from the start will provide a strong nutritionally dense child for years to come. Moving and playing, keeping the body strong and agile, will maintain strength throughout the seasons. Sleeping for true recovery will enhance brain development and growth. And lastly...happiness, sharing in the joy, encouraging the laughter, and teaching the love for life will provide smiles to all of those around. These are the true gifts we can provide and they should be easy to manage and Adita will show you how.

SuperPowers for a Woman on a Mission

Life has gotten crazy, multi-tasking is out of hand, and yet as women, we unconsciously place ourselves on the back burner. It’s time we meet the crazy, face to face, and place our needs first and foremost, so that we can inspire and encourage those around us. We are all given the amazing gift of SuperPowers, no matter how fried or how frazzled you are; those powers are always with you. Now, it’s time to give them a push, bring them front and center, and shine them like never before. Your SuperPowers are at their peak with a balanced combination of 4 main ingredients, exercise and movement, food and nutrition, sleep and relaxation, and the crème de la crème…Happiness. But here’s the thing, I realize we are all busy, and adding in just one more thing will through you for a loop, so what if I helped you to blend it into your day in such a manner that you never saw it coming. You simply started to feel better, more energized, and the cranky and crazy, simple left the house. So with that said I am here to share with you my top inspirations for raising your SuperPowers to their peak and making you shine like never before!

The SuperPowers of Health and Wealth

We work so hard to become wealthy, this becomes a priority to many. Here is the thing, you may have a business plan for wealth but if your health is not at it's very best, the wealth you accumulate will not be enjoyed to the fullest. You are growing a senior from scratch and how you treat your body and your health right now will dictate how you enjoy the wealth you have accumulated, just think about it!