Carrie P.

CEO and Co-Founder at Global Secure Resources Inc.

Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Boston, MA, USA


Carrie Pasquarello Co-Founder and CEO of Global Secure Resources Inc. is dedicated to risk mitigation and threat assessment planning for tourism, improving the health, safety, and security of all travelers. Pasquarello’s decades of overseas experience combined with her passion for travel makes her a vital resource for international travel preparation. In addition, she volunteers her time as a crisis counselor teaching Community Awareness Prevention programs in Boston.


Knowledge is everything when it comes to emergency response. Identifying security risks inherent in global travel is a challenge without proper preparedness planning. Help your employees, family, and friends stay safe and secure with an opportunity to learn vital skills to better address critical challenges that may arise when traveling.

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Our goal at Global Secure Resources Inc. is to enhance our client's experience by providing them with the knowledge to mitigate their security risk and reduce their chances of victimization. Let us, help you, keep the most important people in your life safe and secure.

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Bring life skills to Your Business Event Presentation. This program will teach vital strategies, including situational awareness skills, preparedness planning and how to save time and money while traveling. Discover how to immediately identify risks and apply risk mitigation skills. Engage your audience with a presentation that will add value, whether traveling around the world or around the corner.

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When it comes to keeping your family and friends safe, knowledge is critical to mitigate risk and avoid victimization. Our conversation is especially important for anyone considering international travel, study abroad or students embarking for college and outside their comfort zone. Participants will learn to identify security risks inherent in global travel by being Proactive, Prepared and Protected, which are the 3-P’s to avoid victimization. This presentation will allow participants to learn vital skills, address critical challenges and become empowered in their travel by understanding:

• Pre-Departure Preparation
• Destination Danger Red Flags
• Emergency Preparedness and Response
• Situational Awareness
• Medical, Cultural and Communication Necessities