Rebecca Reynolds Moore

Founder & CEO at InANutshell Consulting

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Smith College and L'Universite de Paris, BA - Boston University, MBA
Lexington, MA, USA


A veteran of the bubble and one of the few women to raise >$10M for her online retail start-up, Moore is dedicated to creating a new paradigm for women who are committed to monetizing their brilliance and making an impact through entrepreneurship. She's a visionary and emerging thought leader on the topic of entrepreneurial bias and legitimacy. Who gets to call themselves a founder? Is a business worthy if it doesn't have a $500M capitalization or a 10X exit strategy? She serves a new emerging category of "Unconventional" founders who define success on their own terms.


I'm passionate about exploring new perspectives and rethinking outdated ideas. My joy is working individually and with small groups of female founders and entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth process through collective wisdom, to identify breakthroughs and to course-correct to grow their business faster---and with more ease and joy. I'm intent on redefining "bro-culture" entrepreneurship, envisioning new ways to age more joyfully, and taking time to celebrate natural beauty. I'm both adventurous and serene, an intro-extrovert, and a creative ideator. I enjoy fitness, nature, travel, philosophy, the arts, and my garden. I live outside of Boston with my husband and 3 remarkable daughters.

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Best Story

I'll never forget that surreal moment standing at the intersection of Madison Avenue and E 24th when I received the call that our venture funding was "a go". Time stood still as the taxis and buses and throngs of people whizzed by. My body pulsated with giddy excitement and relief. We'd hit our impossible milestone. Green light. Now we could meet payroll and ramp up our holiday season selling 4000 products from 70 museums around the world. Then, slowly the tidal wave of logistics began gushing into my brain-- thinking about all that needed to accomplish over the next few months! This was my initiation into entrepreneurship.

Origin Story

After majoring in art history at Smith College and working at the Smithsonian Institution, I earned my MBA at Boston University and was hired by a start-up. This introduction to entrepreneurship influenced me to merge my business and art experience and I founded My team and I developed a custom internet retail platform designed to help museums earn revenue through collaborative online gift shop sales. The first 40+ investors I pitched (all male) were unconvinced that our target audience (women in their 30s, 40s, 50s) would ever purchase gifts online (!). I then succeeded in found two female investors who understood the value proposition. By 2000, featured over 4,000 product SKUs on the site from over 70 museums worldwide and I'd raised $10 million in venture capital and private investments. To learn more about my story... visit

Years later, after raising 3 children, navigating breast cancer treatment, serving on the board of local arts-oriented start-ups and nonprofits, working for another startup, I founded InANutshell Consulting to dedicate my "third chapter" to sharing my entrepreneurial knowledge with fellow female founders, both new and established. I'm especially interested in serving female executives and professionals who are "done" with corporate life and who are energized to monetize their passions by starting their own enterprise.

Example talks

"Flipping the Script: The Reverse Pitch by Investors"

Spoke at The Entrepreneur Forum's Empowering Entrepreneurship session at The Venture Cafe's Cambridge Innovation Center. Pitched TBD Angels' investment thesis and vision to startups in order to challenge conventional pitching norms, accelerate funding opportunities, and spark creative conversations between funders with founders.

October 5, 2023

Launching A Tech Startup In Mid Career: What To Consider

There are many factors to evaluate before making the decision to launch a startup, especially if you are a seasoned professional considering entrepreneurship for the first time. Join our panel of experts for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session about the unique considerations and challenges faced by those starting a business later in their career. From balancing experience with innovation to managing financial and personal risks, our speaker will provide valuable insights and advice for anyone looking to make the leap into entrepreneurship.

Our speakers:
Allison Byers is founder and CEO of Scroobious and an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at Merck Digital Sciences Studio.
Rebecca Moore is founder and CEO of InANutshell Consulting.

Feb. 2, 2023, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
D3 Learning Network Virtual Event
Digital, Data & Design Institute at Harvard Business School

Ambitious, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship in Midlife

The Midlife Reinvention: A Power Purpose Play Podcast, March 22, 2022
Kavita Ahuja interviews Rebecca Reynolds Moore of InANutshell Consulting

Two female founders discuss practical advice on starting "YOLO" businesses - even if you are in your 40s, 50s, or beyond.

Kavita Ahuja and Rebecca Reynolds Moore discuss the paradigm shift that is happening for midlife women and the opportunities to make an impact through entrepreneurship. They spread encouragement to sisters around the world and shed the myth that our resources and perspectives are moot after a certain age.

Each of us has the ability and know-how to reinvent ourselves again and again until we successfully and joyfully embrace our raison d'etre. The two wish to inspire others to take action.

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Ageless Entrepreneurship: Cultivating Your Masterpiece Years

So you're approaching or have hit that mid-century milestone. Maybe you've left your corporate career or you're reentering the workforce after a health crisis, a leave of absence, or a stint as a community volunteer. There is no need to despair.

I am here to prove that your third act (formerly known as the "second half" or the "back 9" ) can be the finest, most productive, fruitful, and fulfilling time of your life. In fact, your life is a masterpiece waiting to unfold.

Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to reinvent and celebrate how we age. This is the best time to make the most of your life and leverage your wisdom, your ordinary experiences, and your extraordinary skills to make a positive impact in your corner of the world. Entrepreneurship is just one way to do this. In this talk, I'll share how you can set yourself up to make a meaningful impact and a healthy livelihood. P.S. It's not what you think.

From Brilliance to Business: Taking the Leap to Start Your Own Business

MetroWest Conference for Women (In-person, Sept 2021)

Owning Your Identity as a Female Founder: Embark The Podcast

Podcast host Liz Solar amplifies Rebecca Moore' voice on the topic of Owning Your Identity as a GenX Female Founder. Moore shares her perspective on the rising tide of YOLO entrepreneurs and giving me a platform to share my voice and perspective.
Learn about the new emerging wave of women GenX & Boomer entrepreneurs who are as passionate about achieving intellectual and financial well-being as they are about making an impact in their sphere of influence.

Embark The Podcast episode produced by Liz Solar Media:

Gain Clarity and Crush Doubt in Business & in Life: Reinventing You Podcast

You have natural gifts and talents to share with the world. Don't let lack of clarity or self doubt hold you back from living and giving to the fullest. Rebecca Moore is an entrepreneur and leader who believes it is never too late to fulfill your purpose, to serve, and to prosper. Her passion is to teach others how to thrive in business and life through clarity and crushing self doubt. Not only have her overwhelming personal life experiences, but the challenges she’s faced and overcome as an entrepreneur, equipped her with the knowledge to successfully guide others when life looks like a “Hot Mess” and one feels like they have more setbacks than they can endure.

Reinventing You Podcast with Host Alyssa Sulli

Renewing Your Purpose and Monetizing Your Brilliance in a Post-Pandemic World: Empower Women Series

(Flipping the Great Resignation)

The single most energizing force in our lives is to know and live out our unique purpose. Yet financial challenges and inequities remain for women who want to follow their calling AND care for their families in a traditional business setting. The pandemic has amplified the need for women to redefine their purpose and oudated workforce norms. Every day, Rebecca meets ordinary yet extraordinary mid-century women who have taken stock of their lives, rediscovered their purpose, and are creating a fulfilling livelihood on their own terms, through entrepreneurship.

She will outline a framework for how you too can better understand and leverage your unique set of strengths, clarify your mission, and make a more meaningful and fruitful impact through entrepreneurship.

Listen to podcast: