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Nancy Medoff

Founder | Keynote | Coach | at AthenaWise

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Boston University - MBA with dual concentration - International Business and Training & Development
Boston, MA, USA


A confidence and persuasion expert, Nancy teaches professionals how to communicate their value when the stakes are high. This could mean more clients, faster promotions, better projects, higher salary, more resources for your teams, or simply being recognized for your value. She does this by sharing advanced persuasion techniques which can be used in any situation to get and keep the attention of the people who matter and be more powerful in the room.

Leveraging thirty years of expertise in leading successful global sales teams, Nancy’s workshops combine practical management, interactive training, authenticity and insightful motivation. As a result, the professionals who work with Nancy learn unique, proven persuasion techniques from a seasoned professional who knows what it takes to get and keep a seat at the table.

Her consulting and speaking engagements have taken Nancy across the U.S. and Europe, creating and leading workshops around: The Persuasion Equation©, Unmute Yourself and Speak Up to Stand Out, Negotiations, and Confidence and High Stakes Personal Branding. Her loyal clients are raving fans and range from the world’s largest pharmaceutical firm to several independent and national hotel companies, small tech start-ups and major industry associations. Her straight-shooting approach is equally as effective in large, small or one-on-one sessions.

In addition to coaching and consulting, Nancy is a Professor of Persuasion at Boston University enjoying her eighth year as an adjunct professor teaching Strategic Marketing and Sales Strategy. She also served as founding program chair and keynote speaker for Boston University’s Women’s Leadership Conference.

An indoor cycle enthusiast and two-time marathoner, Nancy views life as an ongoing journey to pursue one’s passions and pay it forward. Nancy lives these beliefs every day by empowering women to step into their strengths and she’s doing her part to create an army of confident, inspired ninjas.


My mission is to universally increase the confidence level of women everywhere and I'm here to change how women behave in the workplace. But don't take my word for it...

"I have never attended an event with so much audience interaction. That is the biggest miss for the speakers I have heard over the years".

"You blew us all away. I cannot wait to watch the recording today and share it with my many friends who need it most".

"I feel more empowered and more confident in myself than I ever have before".

"Nancy’s positive energy level is palpable and inspiring".

“Nancy’s ability to simplify concepts and help instill confidence in others is simply brilliant”.

“Nancy’s style is direct, supportive and candid. Her philosophy of persuasion and empowerment helped me refine my thoughts and identify a variety of paths forward”.

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Best Story

I was working with a client recently, retooling her Personal Positioning Statement and she absolutely LIT UP when we were finished? Why? Because, in her words…’THIS IS ME’! She stayed true to her strengths and was able to show up as her authentic self resulting in not one but four new job opportunities within two weeks.

Origin Story

My story is about a little girl who won the Screwy Screamer award at Camp Chickami in 1976 and thus became an advocate for women speaking up.

When I was a seven, I was a crazy and wild kid. I mean a total in your face extrovert. One day at Camp Chickami, I was awarded the " Screwy Screamer" award. This was a great honor at Camp Chickami and a highly coveted award. This award goes to the screwiest, loudest, most outgoing and generally craziest kid at camp. In short, it’s a big deal.

When presented with this award, I promptly cried. And these were not tears of joy. I didn't understand what was happening and all I could see was people laughing at me and pointing. Everyone. I burst into tears and was very upset. Here’s where it gets interesting.

I can still see as clear as day my older sister rushing up to me, bending down on her knees (I was seven, remember), hugging me and telling me that this was ok and was in fact a good thing. My sister explained to me that this award means that people like hearing me and want to hear what I have to say. My sister then repeatedly stuck up for me time and time again when we were little (I’m looking at you, bully Bruce Gorsky) and in doing so gave me the greatest gift ever – my voice. She then lived her life as an introvert, quietly in the background, supporting everyone she loves and never really speaking up herself.

My purpose is getting people to truly believe they are worthy of being heard. Then giving them the tools so they can speak up to stand out.

Like my sister did for me.

Example talks

Unmute Yourself and Speak up to Stand Out with the Power of Persuasion

Ready to step away from the herd? How about leveraging your strengths to step into your authenticity and get what you want and deserve at work?

Unmute yourself and communicate your value when the stakes are high using the three principles of persuasion.

This workshop is for women who are ready to take their careers to the next level and start getting what they want and deserve at work. This could mean faster promotions, higher salary, job security or simply being recognized for your ideas and your value.

• First, we step into your strengths. This interactive exercise uses the Power Positioning Statement Template to Identify your core strengths at work, hone in on exactly what you love and want to do, and in doing so lay the foundation for your personal power positioning statement.

• Then, we identify your true value. We determine the value in each strength, demonstrate why these matter at work and practice articulating your value.

• Finally, we position you to win. Here you learn how to differentiate yourself by tying your strengths to business results and using persuasive communication techniques to position yourself to win.

After completing this work shop attendees will:

• Create a powerful and persuasive positioning statement
• Step into their authenticity to create a road map for where they’re going professionally
• Communicate their value with certainty, clarity and confidence when the stakes are high

Learning methods:
• Facilitator led discussion
• Group role plays
• Small group discussion