Sarah Glova, PhD

Title: Keynote speaker, business reporter, startup founder, college professor, community engagement expert


Education: University of North Carolina at Wilmington - North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC, USA


Dr. Sarah Glova is a business reporter, acclaimed storyteller, sought-after public speaker, and CEO of the award-winning digital media firm Reify Media. She’s known for her rare ability to explain complex tech topics with humor and data-driven insights, which have resonated with audiences across the globe.

Live, virtual, and hybrid formats available.


Sharing my research about goal setting and achievement, communication skills, and other professional development topics, inspiring audiences to feel confident in today’s fast-paced work environment and prepared for what's coming next in our rapidly-changing world.

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Origin Story

I'm on a bold mission to empower people to not only survive but thrive in today's rapidly changing work environment. The challenges we face are daunting: burnout is rampant, with a staggering 76% of employees feeling drained and exhausted. Engagement is at an all-time low, with a mere 34% of US employees feeling invested in their work. And resistance to change is holding us back, causing a shocking 70% of organizational change initiatives to fail.

These statistics resonate with me — because I've fought my own battles with burnout, decision paralysis, poor change management, and more.

But I refuse to let these statistics define us.

My life's work is helping people and organizations feel confident in today’s fast-paced work environment—whether that's cutting a clearer path to their goals, avoiding fast-paced burnout, or learning to master workplace communication.

My keynotes have inspired countless clients to show up resiliently in today's rapidly changing work environment—and I'd love to bring these talks to your organization.

Example talks

How to achieve big things—even if you’re "normal"

We imagine that people who achieve big things are very, very special. They’re geniuses, or innovators, or visionaries—in other words, they’re not like us.

But business journalist Dr. Sarah Glova says—that’s just not true.

After interviewing thousands of people who have accomplished incredible things, she found that people who do or build big things are normal. They’re just like us. They’ve just learned how to get big things done.

And you can learn how, too.

If you’re tired of wondering where to start on your big goals—if you want to move from the paralysis of inaction to the confidence of next steps—this talk is for you.

After telling the story of hundreds of big accomplishments, Dr. Sarah Glova joins the stage to share what she’s learned. There’s a pattern of actions—some essential elements—that normal people use to get big things accomplished. Join us to learn exactly what these things are and how you can use them to get your biggest goals accomplished.

This won’t be just another lecture on goal setting; it's a hands-on, practical talk fueled by data-driven insights, neuroscience research, and more. It’s a powerfully effective but incredibly simple approach, designed to give you a crystal-clear, one-page path toward your biggest goals. (That’s right—just one page!)

If you’re tired of wondering where to start, if you want to move from the paralysis of inaction to the confidence of next steps—this session is for you. Don’t miss this transformational chance to chart a clear course to what you want most.

Mastering Workplace Communication: Speak Up and Lead with Impact

Your voice has the power to inspire change, motivate others, and drive success in the workplace. Are you ready to explore how you can tap into that power and show up as a confident leader?

In this talk, we’ll explore practical strategies for speaking up and leading with confidence in any situation. From giving presentations to facilitating meetings, you'll discover simple yet powerful tools that will help you communicate more effectively and confidently.

This high-energy presentation will empower your audience members with actionable insights that ignite their leadership and communication confidence. By the end of this keynote, your members will have a fresh perspective on communication in today’s workplace—and they’ll leave the session with practical takeaways that they can immediately implement.

Stop Giving Women Advice: The hidden danger of unsolicited advice and its effect on women

Description: The year my business started making six-figure revenue, a mentor told me I needed to be "more of a shark." And he wasn't the only one—I was constantly hearing from others that I needed to be more confident, or more assertive—that if I wanted to be a serious entrepreneur, I needed to dress differently, or speak differently, or even reconsider what I ordered for lunch.

The problem with all this advice? I didn't ask for it. And in the big world of startup culture, it made me feel about an inch tall.

See excerpts from this talk. 🎥

After years of research, I've learned that I'm not alone—women are more likely to receive unsolicited advice than men are, and it can have an incredibly damaging effect on our confidence, our performance, and our relationships.

Thankfully, I've also learned how to address this problem—I've found some sunscreen to protect against the harsh glares of others' unsolicited advice. In this talk, we'll explore unsolicited advice from a neuroscience perspective, and talk about ways you can re-channel others' unnecessary feedback into fuel for your fire.

Presentation training for student groups or employee teams

Communication Workshops focused on Presentation Training

Focus areas: Feel more confident whenever you speak | Strategies for professional presentations | Audience awareness and presentation development | Presentation structure | Tips for delivering high-quality presentations

Formats offered: Training session, workshop

Billion-Dollar Opportunities: An Inside Look at Innovation in Today's Smart Cities

Topics covered: Today’s most ambitious smart city projects | Future thinking about smart cities and innovation | Quotes from city leaders and leading vendors in some of the world’s smartest cities | Most common smart city projects | Common issues and opportunities faced by today’s smart cities

Formats offered: Keynote; Short presentation; Facilitated panel discussion