Lori Harris

Managing Partner at Harris Whitesell Consulting LLC

Human Resources

Education: BA Organizational Development and Business Management - MBA Organizational Development and Business Management
Wilmington, NC, USA


Co-Founder, Managing Partner | Human Resources Talent Management Executive providing world-class services in Organizational & Culture Effectiveness| Talent Management and Optimization | Assessment | Executive, Leadership, and Team Development & Coaching | People Data Expert | Employee Engagement | Training | Workshops | Webinars | Keynote | Author | Thought Leader | Authorized Partner | Accredited and Certified

Company Bio: https://harriswhitesellconsulting.com/about/


My unique promise of value: I help successful and committed people and organizations become more successful, maximize their leadership impact, and develop organizational health and vitality.

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Origin Story

I specialize in helping high-performing leaders and organization become more successful. I have deep experience and certifications as an executive and leadership coach, business consultant, marketer, global business strategist, educator/trainer/facilitator/speaker/consultant. From leading as co-founder and managing partner of Harris Whitesell Consulting, to assessing and coaching corporate executives and leaders, to developing cohesive teams, creating effective employee engagement and culture strategies, and successfully managing global projects, I am passionate about maximizing leadership excellence and business success!

At Harris Whitesell Consulting, I work with global organizations to assess, set, and align leadership development, talent management, culture, employee experience, change and business strategies. I believe that strategic vision, guiding principles, and values provide leaders with the foundation for change, transition, and transformation, while demonstrating excellence to influence and create lasting, positive change for themselves, their employees, their organizations, their communities and their families.

I understand, commit to, and integrate the organic value of developing credible relationships based on trust, reliability, respect, fairness, pride, honesty, and integrity.

I look forward to maximizing excellence - with you, your team, and your organization.

Example talks

The Top 5 Habits of Productive Teams

Making their teams functional and cohesive by employing the levels of courage, discipline and emotional energy that many groups cannot seem to muster, despite the many significant rewards. Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. Teamwork is the ultimate sustainable competitive advantage because it is so powerful and so rare. Cohesive teams drive organizational health. They collaborate. They innovate. They perform. They deliver. They wow customers. They defeat competitors, all while being more fun to be on! Learn the symptoms of dysfunctional teams, and explore a simple, but powerful model for building more cohesive and productive teams.

Essential Meeting Skills for Today's Resilient Leader

Discover how to make your meeting stick, optimize talent, and maximize excellence! This presentation will offer insights and tips on how to lead a more effective and efficient meeting - whether in-person or virtual. Lead with confidence and influence. Be inclusive and manage productive conflict and dialogue. Realize cohesiveness and collective results.

How to Realize Better Work Life Balance - Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

During the pandemic leaders have been finding it difficult to manage the disruption and change, and are feeling stressed, burnout, and sometimes rusted out. In this presentation learn about key leadership derailers, how to revive and align your energy to priorities, and the essential tools that help to create better work-life balance.

Cognitive Leadership In Unprecedented Times

Leaders today are feeling stressed and often lack the critical leadership competencies and skills to adapt, elicit excellence, and deliver results - for themselves, their teams, their organizations, as well as their families and community. Cognitive Leadership is a model that actively and consciously engages leaders into a state of readiness and influence, optimizing strengths and motivators, and activating key competencies for positive behaviors that create value, growth and opportunity - for the leader, their teams and the company.

The Habits That Hold Women Back From Success

Women face specific and often different roadblocks as they advance in the workplace. The very habits that help women early in their careers can hinder them as they move up. Women in leadership often get stuck due to bad habits and lack of self-awareness. This presentation will review the 12 Habits that Hold Women Back and the key competencies women can focus on to optimize their competencies, strengths, and motivators, and maximize leadership excellence.

Leading Effective Meetings - Essential Skills for Today's Ambitious Leaders

This workshop will offer insights and tips to enhance your leadership skills to: Prepare for efficiency and effectiveness. Lead with confidence. Move your projects forward. Manage conflicts. Influence change. Energize and motivate your team. Make your meeting stick. Maximize excellence!

Most small-mid size business do not have the budget for leadership skills development. My company is headquartered in Wilmington, NC. We are a global, women-owned, HUB certified small business. We want to continue our partnership with UNCW MED Week. It is a philanthropic decision. This workshop offers an essential leadership skill for business owners and leaders. This skill set when maximized, enables companies to better align and develop employees, reinforce diversity and inclusion, streamline agenda to goals, motivate employees, increase engagement and productivity, and realize collective results. Ultimately, building leadership skills like this, are good for stakeholder satisfaction and positive bottom-line impact.

Maximizing Excellence: Communication Intelligence and Personal Core Values

Designed for Young Professionals, Emerging Leaders, and Hi-Pos, utilizing and prioritizing communication intelligence and personal core values as key foundational factors for maximizing effectiveness and excellence. Pre-assessment, and report provided for each participant. (Forté™ Communication Intelligence Benchmark)

How to Optimize Your Talent

on HerCsuite™ Radio, guest Lori Harris shares insights and strategies on how to create an organization, culture and team that thrives together. Lori Harris helps successful and committed people, teams, and organizations become more successful, maximize their leadership impact, and develop organizational health and vitality utilizing evidence-based and proven organizational and human resource methods, theory and concepts to get results.

Take a listen to this interview on "How to Optimize Your Talent" with Lori Harris:

"You start to optimize talent into and executing those strategies to get those collective results. You see more accountability, more commitment, and bottom line, you realize more trust, credibility. All of those things start to play out when people really get vulnerable, get to know each other well, get to know themselves even better as well as really taking a look at and diagnosing the organization as well." -Lori Harris

Communication Intelligence - The Importance of Developing a Communication Action Plan

“People don’t change...They evolve through education, experience and feedback.”
For organizations and business leaders, there is an opportunity to create value, growth and opportunity by: Examining, understanding, developing, and implementing a variety of solutions to support the talent within our organizations that maintains competitive advantage, engagement and satisfaction, productivity and positive, lasting results.

Identifying an individuals current logic style, current stamina level, and current feelings about goal attainment establishes the framework for building an effective communication intelligence system. Highly validated, accurate communication intelligence style profile systems are valuable tools in the overall short and long-term success of the individual, their teams, the organization, and their families.

What Communication Intelligence Is
Communication Style
Business Compliments
Personal Benefits and Impacts
Efficiently and Effectively Maximize Interpersonal Relationships

*Includes Communication Intelligence Assessment & Benchmark Report

Teamwork - The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Leaders and business owners know that in order to build a lasting organization, their company must have a sustainable competitive advantage. Leaders will dive into:

What is Competitive Advantage and Its Common Sources
Teamwork as A Strategic Strategy
Insights on Achieving Competitive Advantage through Teamwork

Leaders Learning to Delegate Better

The only way a busy leader can become more productive when there is only so much time in the day is to delegate more of what you don’t have to do yourself. Learn how to create value through delegation, and the tips for better delegation.

The Effective & Successful Leader - Maximizing Leadership Effectiveness

Leaders who have higher cognition act from an authentic sense of clarity, purpose and intention. Effective leaders have higher levels of influence, are more influential, and accelerate value, optimize and maximize growth and opportunity - for themselves, their teams, their organizations, and their communities. This presentation will provide leadership insight, tips and tools on how to become a more effective and cognitive leader.

Employee Engagement - The Factors That Keep People Productive

We dive into what really is employee engagement, why this matters to leadership, and solutions for improving employee engagement.

Cognitive Leadership - A Formula For Leadership Success

Leadership requires a deepening, widening, and lengthening of cognition to create sustainable visions, culture, influence and effectiveness. Cognitive Leadership brings leaders back to the basics and extends, exponentially, their impact to create value, growth and opportunity.

Women Lead

Many times women are up against the challenges of old paradigms when taking on leadership roles and initiatives. Women Lead offers successful women insights and tools to strengthen the leader within, opens your natural talents to new understandings of the cognitive process that connects women to their altruistic selves and their genuine locus of control and wise mind. Be prepared to create value and strengthen your courage, humility and discipline through mindful and fundamental leadership self mastery techniques that will exponentially grow your leadership skills to change the behaviors that are limiting, triumph over the challenges that face you daily, and achieve positive success.