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Susan Finn

Digital Marketing Strategist at Rise Above Noise

Marketing and Advertising

New Bedford, MA, USA


The 'Rise Above Noise' system offers heart-centered entrepreneurs a step-by-step guide to create a digital marketing strategy that saves time, attracts clients, and allows them to show up in their own integrity.


I am a Connector. It's been my passion - my legacy - to connect people with other people and services that will help them grow in their professional and personal life.

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Best Story

Devon said, "I have much more quiet time in my day. I'm not feeling frantic because I have systems in place, and sectioned my marketing activities together. I have a better understanding of what to focus on."

Recently, 5 female solopreneurs entered into an agreement to commit to 10 weeks of learning as participants in the "Rise Above Noise Accountability Mastermind” program. Through it, they supported each other, shared challenges and celebrated their wins, both big and small. The experience consisted of five 2-hour Zoom conference meetings that revolved around digital marketing strategies, with an abundance of resources supplied to help measure ongoing successes. To ensure long term goals were met, each group member entered into an agreement with a fellow group member as their ‘accountability partner”. As partners in this journey, these accountability teams would have daily conversations designed to identify what 3 steps they could take to move closer to a long-term goal they’d identified. A private Facebook group served as a forum to present questions, offer support, inspiration, and receive honest feedback. Each participant received private digital marketing coaching to clarify the goals and action steps necessary to keep their business moving forward.

Program feedback shines the light of success on the time we spent together and the tool chest of resources, strategies and guidance shared. Jodie said: "I'm now able to stay focused on the 3 priorities of the day and realize that perfection is not necessary. Keep moving forward is the key. And, of course, I'm now using email marketing to keep engaging my audience!" Rachel said: "The group holds us accountable and creates space to create our goals, share our desires and set intentions."

Origin Story

In 2002, with my youngest child off to kindergarten, I made the decision to start my own artisan tote bag business. I was new to being an independent business owner and I quickly found myself with a growing roster of customers. As the pace of my business's success increased, I felt a need for camaraderie with other fellow female professionals. I invited a few women over to talk about the ins and outs of business ownership. After a few months, the popularity of the group expanded and monthly meetings were moved to a local bank's conference room. It was there that the official Women’s Business Network of SE MA (WBN) was established.

The WBN became a powerful growth tool for our members. Within the community, we could find most of the resources we’d need to continue the growth and success of our own businesses. From graphic designers to accountants, we had an immense amount of skills and talents present. As the Director of the WBN, my passion for being a “CONNECTOR” became firmly rooted. During that time I witnessed many of the WBN members struggling to grow their business because they simply did not understand how to be strategic with the digital marketing growth tools available to them. As a result, I made a commitment to immerse myself in everything related to the field of digital marketing. I became certified in several key areas and became the CONNECTOR of all-things-digital in order to be able to support the members in the growth and success of their businesses.

Since my 12 years as director of the WBN, I’ve worked with dozens of clients, ran numerous group programs, and spoken in front of many organizations. “Rise Above the Noise” is a 5-module system developed for business owners. It is a guide that illuminates the ways in which business owners can show up within their own integrity, spotlight their authenticity and pinpoint their professional expertise as a way of standing out in a busy digital world.

Example talks

Digital Marketing as an Act of Service

Do you do work that is changing people’s lives?
Are you someone who helps people become healthier, happier, more productive?
Do you find yourself dreaming that your calendar would be so full that you could work with clients every day and help even more people?

I believe that if you are seen. You can change the world.

I believe that if each of you made the decision to show up on your own terms, really show up, not only could you do what you love full time and make money doing it, you would be actively impacting the future of our world.

The Rise Above Noise process guides the heart-centered entrepreneur through 5 steps to show up on their own terms. The process protects the entrepreneur from chaos and confusion while offering them the road map to save time and attract ideal cleints.

Something magical happens when you finally realize you can show up honestly, truly, fully as yourself.
You find that you begin attracting exactly those you were looking for.

You see, they were looking for you, too.

A Simple Recipe for Social Media Success  

As a small business, social media is overwhelming and often feels like you’re just spinning your wheels. You have to figure out where to be, how to be engaging, and how to get results—all with a limited amount of time and resources. That’s why in this session we’ll provide a recipe for social media that saves time and gets results to grow your business. ::::: You’ll learn: >> How to choose the right social networks for your business >> The 15-minute social media plan >> Getting started in the pay-to-play world of social media

How to Write Effective Marketing Emails for Any Situation

Whether you are writing a welcome email, event invitation, promotion, or an automated series, it can feel daunting to sit down and write your next email.

You have a limited amount of time where you need to figure out what to write and how to write it so it drives results for your business. After all, your emails need to build relationships, inspire people, and encourage them to take action.

That’s why in this one-hour session we’ll share email writing tips that will save time and make your emails more effective. :::::You’ll learn:

.>>..The different types of emails
.>>..A simple formula to write any email
.>>..More tips for writing successful emails

Rise Above Noise - Digital Marketing with Authenticity

It’s just so noisy out there!
How can a small business owner “Rise Above the Noise”?

Seriously, how do you garner your unique talents, skills, voice to differentiate from all the static?

We have all heard that great content can be key to your success. This is certainly true. Equally important is utilizing your “tribes,” your “collaboratives,” your “people” to exponentially increase your reach.

We will discuss the incredibly simple, yet profound, philosophy of listening to the questions your customers have been asking you and creating detailed, informative, and nonbiased articles centered around answering those questions as honestly and completely as possible.

Let’s gather for a discussion that will include various methods to utilize your aligned contacts not only to help create great content but to help grow your brand through digital platforms.
Viewing actual brand analytics and insights, we will view real-time results of strategic digital collaborations.

Participants in this workshop will leave with an actionable plan to:
• Create content on their site that answers the questions people are asking about their product or service which will establish themselves as a thought leader in their area
• Utilize their content in a number of unique ways to further differentiate their message.
• Utilize their communities/collaborations to amplify their message.
• Measure the results of their actions!

The Power of the Inbox - Tips and Tricks for Successful Email Marketing

What is the first impression you give when they see you in their email inbox? And when they see you there, what do they do?

This powerful seminar takes you step-by-step through the keys to effective email marketing:
~ What it really is (and isn’t)
~ What it can do for your business

And the five easy steps you must take to harness the power of the inbox!
1: Grow a healthy list
2: Create great content
3: Customize a beautiful, mobile-friendly template that matches your brand
4: How to get your emails opened
5: Tracking your results

From revealing why regular email doesn't work to insider tips and techniques like automated list building tools and the design elements that work (and those that don't!), this seminar will give you the keys to the most effective marketing you can do: email marketing.

By the end of this workshop, you will be armed with the strategies and tactics to help you harness the power of the inbox and really use email marketing as a way to grow your business.

"Nurture Sequence" Email Marketing

Have you ever returned from a networking event, looked at a stack of business cards you’ve collected and then thought. “Oy - Now What?”

A Nurture Sequence is an automated series of emails that someone receives when they subscribe to your email lists. It starts to build trust with your subscribers and nurture them to bring them closer to you and your services.

How can you NOT LOVE a process that has NURTURE right in its' title?

We will cover:
What are the elements of an effective welcome nurture email series? 

What are the benefits of having a welcome nurture email series?

What are the steps involved in creating the series?