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Michelle Tillis Lederman, CSP, PCC

Connection Creator, Author, Likability & Leadership Expert Creating Connected Leaders and Cultures and CEO at Executive Essentials

South Orange, NJ, USA


Michelle Tillis Lederman, is known for her energetic, engaging, and authentic presentations. An expert on workplace communications and relationships, Michelle's mission is to help people work better together and advance their individual impact. She is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, and author of four books including the #1 new release The Connectors Advantage and the internationally recognized, The 11 Laws of Likability.

Michelle, named one of Forbes Top 25 Networking Experts, is a connection creator and CEO of Executive Essentials, which provides customized communications and leadership programs for fortune 500, non-profit, university and government clients. Her clients include JPMorgan, J&J, Deutsche Bank, Michigan State University, MetLife, Sony, Ernst & Young, the Department of Environmental Protection, and Madison Square Garden. Passionate about education, Michelle served as an Adjunct Professor at NYU, on the faculty of the American Management Association, Lehigh Executive Education, and Rutgers Executive Education.

A former finance executive and NYU Professor, Michelle is a regular in the media appearing on CBS, NBC, Fox, NPR, CNBC, the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, Working Mother, US News & World Report, MSNBC, Forbes and USA Today among many others.

Michelle spent a decade in finance with positions in audit, M&A, financial consulting, VC, and hedge fund investing. She received her BS from Lehigh University, her MBA from Columbia Business School, and her coaching certification from iPec and holds the PCC certification from the International Coaching Federation. Michelle earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation for the National Speakers Association. Executive Essentials is a certified Women Business Enterprise.

To learn more about Michelle, visit:

Websites: www.michelletillislederman.com/, www.executiveessentials.org/
Book Sites; www.11lawsoflikability.com/, www.heroesgethired.com/
YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/MichelleLederman
Social Media:twitter.com/mtlederman , facebook.com/MichelleTillisLederman
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/communicationexpertspeaker


I truly believe that communication and connection is the foundation of everything.

When asked how I explain what I do to my 10 year old I answered, "I help people work better together."

Leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution and everything else that leads to our professional success is founded in our ability to communicate and connect.

For organizations I enable them engage, grow, and retain their greatest asset - their people. I help individuals communicate with clarity, confidence, and connection. The last one is as important as the rest since real relationships lead to real results.

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Best Story

So many stories... you never know which one I will tell, but I always tell stories. Often, i bring up the stories of the people I speak with at the event and get the audience involved.

Origin Story

I describe myself as a “recovering CPA”. I spent the first decade of my career in finance in various roles including auditing, M&A, hedge fund investing and venture capital. After being frustrated by the poor leadership and communications, I now teach all the mistakes I ever made and saw.

Example talks

Keep Connected in a Virtual World

We live in a network economy – – it’s all about who you know, who knows you, and what they know about you. But in this remote working, socially distant period in time, connecting has taken on new challenges.

In this interactive presentation, author Michelle Tillis Lederman will inspire you to leverage the benefits of a virtual environment to create personal connection and a thriving network. More now than ever it is the strength of your relationships that leads to your success.

What You Will Learn:
Recognize the benefits and limitations in the new networking environment
Move from responsive to proactive connecting
Create opportunities to add value to teams, colleagues, and clients
Reduce the excuses that hold you back from reaching out and following up
Leverage technology and social media in simple ways to increase familiarity

How To Get What You Want: Influencing Others into Action

What do you want? How likely are you to make it happen in the time frame you want? The truth is we often need the actions of others to accomplish our goals. The best way to get what you want is to figure out why someone else wants you to have it.

In this interactive talk, Michelle Tillis Lederman, author of The 11 Laws of Likability and The Connectors Club will reveal the three reasons people take action and how to increase your aptitude of each technique.


Recognize the three reasons people take action
Incorporate the Inquiry vs Advocacy model to reveal motivations
Discover how to position requests using What’s In It For Them (WIIFT)
Adopt a Connector mindset to leverage relationships
Ask for what you want with ease and increase the odds of getting a ‘yes’

PERFECT FOR: Leadership, Team Building, Improving Performance, or Sales

Connected Leadership: Creating and Retaining an Engaged Team

Do you want to be a leader people want to work for? Creating a strong, engaged team translates into a more positive work environment, lower turnover, and greater productivity and collaboration. It also has a direct effect on your organization’s bottom line: according to a Gallup study on workforce engagement, companies with engaged employees outperform their competition by 147 percent.

Connected Leadership will help you develop the specific skills you need to better connect with your employees. Through this dynamic, highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to build stronger relationships that increase your value, influence, and impact. A series of deeply engaging, personalized sessions will leave you with increased clarity on your leadership brand, new tools and skills, and greater confidence—ready to engage your team and expand your influence throughout your organization.

What You Will Learn:
Discover the correlation between a relationship driven leader and the bottom line
Increase your authenticity and productive energy in interactions
Build and retain trust to improve productivity, morale, loyalty and retention
Nurture your network and increase your influence

Perfect for: Leadership, Team Building, Improving Performance, and Strengthening Relationships

The Lost Art of Conversation in the Digital Age

In the fast moving world where everyone is communicating through email, text and instant messaging we have forgotten the power of face-to- face conversation. Communication and connection is the foundation for building a thriving network and business. During this talk, The 11 Laws of Likability’s author, Michelle Tillis Lederman will inspire you to leverage the power of personal connection in the digital age while still incorporating the efficiency of virtual communication.


Move from first conversation to lasting connection
Learn what to do before the first conversation ends
Leverage technology and social media in simple ways to increase familiarity
Discover specific ways to increase your value to your network

PERFECT FOR: Effective Communications, Individual Impact, and Relationship Building

YOU -- The Brand: Determine and Drive How Others See You

What do people say about you when you leave the room?  Is it what you want them to say? How you show up in the room, get listened to and are known amongst your colleagues are all critical components of your future success. 

In this workshop Michelle Tillis Lederman, CEO and Founder of Executive Essentials, will discuss how to determine you brand attributes, demonstrate the nuances of body language on your professional presence, and discuss how to strengthen the lasting impressions you make on your network, expanding upon lessons from her book The 11 Laws of Likability.


Recognize the attributes that impact first and lasting perceptions
Tweak your body language to enhance your professional presence
Discover the verbal tools and distractors the impeded your image
Learn how word choice impacts responses
Determine how to select your brand personality

PERFECT FOR: Individual Impact, Executive Presence, and Relationship Building

Get Known, Get Connected, Get Ahead

What do you need to get ahead? In this day and age, we live in a network economy – – it’s all about who you know, who knows you, and what they know about you.

In this talk Connector’s Advantage author Michelle Tillis Lederman explains the types of relationships you want and need, how to adopt the Connector’s mindset and move up the Connector spectrum to get better, faster, and easier results. At the end of the day it is the strength of your relationships that leads to your success.


The correlation between relationships and promotion, hiring, and business results
The key relationship types that impact success
What you can do to move up the Connector spectrum
The 7 mindsets of a Connector

PERFECT FOR: Individual Impact, Networking and Career Advancement

Boost Your Likability: Boost Your Business

Research studies consistently reveal that people prefer to do business with, hire, buy and work with people they like. Yet the desire to be liked is often minimized and even mocked in its importance in business. Discover how authenticity in our interactions, adopting a giving approach and finding common ground are the foundation for boosting your likability. The highest levels of achievement come to those who mix expertise with likability.

In this talk author Michelle Tillis Lederman explains how to leverage the Laws of Likability resulting in more business, more career opportunities, and a more engaged team.

Understand why likability matters in business
Increase your authenticity and productive energy in interactions
Discover how to find common ground with almost anyone
Learn multiple ways to add value to your network
Connect in conversation and deal with difficult personalities

PERFECT FOR: Business Development, Entrepreneurs, and Relationship Building