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Melissa Alexis

Founder/CEO, Mindfulness Through Movement Innovator. Personal & Professional Development Coach. at Cultural Fabric

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Amherst College - Sarah Lawrence College
Boston, MA, USA


“I build bridges to healing practices to take us back to our selves, and to authentic relationships across differences to promote community building.” - Melissa Alexis

Dedicated to helping people transform from the inside out, Melissa is an entrepreneur, mindfulness through movement innovator, and personal and organizational development coach. She is committed to helping people in various settings move their work from theory to practice, and realize the connection between self-care and care of the collective.

Over a life's work of more than 20 years, thousands of people have experienced the compassion, lightness, and transformative meaning making of Melissa's leadership. She is a healing justice facilitator, equity strategist and coach who knows from experience that personal development is a continual practice and the portal to experiential knowledge. She has been hired by individuals, public and private organizations to bring the utility of heightened awareness to all spheres of life and work. Grounded in the years spent directing arts equity and community engagement programming, Melissa facilitates individuals and groups to get in touch with a physical experience to surpass the theoretical; to really experience so that we can know. To enter into right relationship with others, she affirms we must first be willing to become aware of our conscious and unconscious conditioning.


In this digital era of disconnection and what I call the epidemic of busy, I am passionate about helping people get back in touch with themselves and each other through mindfulness. I am obsessed with the utility of movement to heighten awareness in everyday spheres of life and to help us bridge the perceived divides among us. My speaking currently centers around these topics:
> Alchemy of Hope
> Bridging Across Difference
> Embodied Histories & Racial Healing
> Mindful Leadership
> Interdependent Relationship Between Self + Community Care
> The Power of Presence
> From Wellness to Well-Being
> Stress Release
> The True Power Center

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Best Story

My best stories are of witnessing clients who surpass their own expectations, causing a continual aha effect. Witnessing people surprise themselves, shift their narrative, and positively impact those around them is always the best story.

Origin Story

Cultural Fabric is a natural outgrowth of the layers of experience that brought me to my understanding of multidisciplinary, cross-sector approaches and integrated mindfulness applications for targeted results. I noticed the need in global society to address our lack of connection, to share how to release stress (not manage it!), to help others cultivate an internal practice leading to greater ease with self and others, and to address systemic inequities on an individual and collective level. Cultural Fabric was born to share the utility of mindfulness through movement in promoting deep listening, authentic connections, and applying non-verbal communication solutions that bridge differences. My belief in introducing equity systemically informs my work to help companies shift culture & elevate people of color and other historically marginalized people, as well as working directly with those most affected by systemic inequities.