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Melissa Alexis

Founder/CEO at Cultural Fabric

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Amherst College - Sarah Lawrence College
Boston, MA, USA


“I build bridges to healing practices to take us back to our selves, and to authentic relationships across differences to promote community building.” - Melissa Alexis

Melissa Alexis is Founder & CEO of Cultural Fabric, a mindfulness consulting company innovating specialized interventions for holistic well-being and leadership.

Since launching Cultural Fabric in 2016, Melissa has developed frameworks for companies to integrate mindfulness, wellness, mental ease, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Under her leadership, Cultural Fabric launched the signature program, Healing Arts Institute (Heal) for Embodied Leadership & Social Transformation, combining these areas of expertise. On the leading edge, the program teaches staff/leaders how to embody their values to transform business environments.

Melissa graduated from Amherst College with dual degrees in Psychology and Spanish, and earned her Master's degree at Sarah Lawrence College. She is a mental wellness expert, registered yoga teacher and meditation guide with over 20 years of experience in business. Melissa is a digital nomad with roots in Boston, MA.

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>Mindfulness and Mental Health
>Embrace Your Whole Self: Feminine Leadership as a Pathway to Balance & Freedom
>Embodying Values: Integrating Wellness for Staff Engagement & Company Well-Being
?The Alchemy of Hope: Interdependent Relationship Between Self and Communal Care

In this digital era of disconnection, the age of the pandemics of COVID and racism, an anticipated surge in mental health crises, and what I call the epidemic of busy, I am passionate about helping people ground themselves and connect with one another through mindfulness. I am dedicated to spreading the utility of practices to heighten awareness in everyday spheres of life and to help us bridge the perceived divides among us.

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Best Story

"Thank you, Melissa! That was a great talk and I've felt very good since then. The final takeaway was quite profound!"
- Diversity & Inclusion Business Program Manager, Anonymous

Origin Story

As a master dancer/choreographer and wellness practitioner for decades alongside a career in business, Melissa has navigated the ins and outs of what it takes to integrate wellness while exceeding company metrics. Living and working in predominantly white institutions as a Black woman, she has taken a journey home to herself through decolonization practices. She leads people along pathways she has mapped so they too can learn to embody the values of anti-racism and anti-oppression.