Cynthia Gilbert

Founding Partner at Blueshift IP

Law Practice

Boston, MA, USA


Attorney Gilbert is a passionate technologist and software patent attorney who strategically develops patent portfolios for a range of high tech companies in all stages of the invention life cycle. She designed Blueshift IP's services to scale with businesses, allowing the firm to economically serve both individual inventors, as well as large companies. She has developed deep experience across a wide range of technology disciplines, including virtualization, network security, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud computing, mobile technologies and applications, distributed computing, digital health / health tech, operating systems, and communications infrastructure.


Technology, new gadgets, great user interfaces, predictive technology, and all the ways in which innovative technology can improve everyone's lives.

I am willing to travel

Up to 50 miles

When it comes to payments

Everything is negotiable


software patents patent law ip law intellectual property patents 101 patents for entrepreneurs risk taking employee to entrepreneur

Origin Story

A lifelong passion for new technology and intense curiosity about how law and technology interact led Ms. Gilbert to work at a research and development group for GTE/Verizon while going to law school at night. She transitioned to working for Boston-area law firms and, after five years at a prominent national firm, decided to follow her passion for working with smaller companies by starting her own firm.

Example talks

To Patent or Not to Patent

"Patents 101" introduction with discussion of factors to take into consideration when selecting a form of Intellectual Property.

Entrepreneurship and the Law

Discussion of risk-taking, managing tensions between "ideal" and "practical," legal considerations for early stage start-ups, and how the law can empower, not hinder, business objectives.

Patents 101

Introduction to patents for the new inventor, whether in an entrepreneurial setting or at an established company.

Software Patents

Discussion of patent law with a focus on practicalities of pursuing software patents. How do patents further business objectives? What key questions do innovators need to ask themselves before investing in a patent?

Intro to IP

An overview of the different types of intellectual property (IP) that companies will likely encounter and a discussion of whether, when and how to protect that IP.

Entrepreneurship 101

Insights and lessons learned from having created a successful service-based company and observations from over a decade of working with growing companies. A discussion of risk taking, marketing / networking techniques, and tips for getting started.