Steph Palermo

Intuitive Coach & Healer, Author, International Speaker, Influencer at Just Steph, LLC.

Health, Wellness and Fitness

Education: Regis College
Boston, MA, USA


Steph Palermo is an intuitive coach and healer, influencer, talk show host, international speaker, and published author. Steph draws from her life experiences, living with a rare disorder, personality, and sense of humor to share her message. Her Sicilian heritage and Boston wit make for an always uplifting and honest message. She realizes that everyone has two lives, and the second one begins when you realize you only have one. As an intuitive coach and entrepreneur, Steph combines her ability to feel the feelings of others and her motivational speaking skills to help others become the best version of themselves. Her gift of being able to tap into other emotional state helps her to create an honest and open relationship with her clients so that she can put them on the right path of personal development. 

Steph offers 1:1 coaching, workshops and retreats to help people heal and level up their lives, align and live a life of greater purpose that is fun, satisfying and successful. Steph’s latest book, “It’s Not Personal Sonny. It’s Business: How to run your family, life and business like a Sicilian” will be available late June 2020 for purchase. Join Steph's community, JS Members Only here:


I am changing the world one person at a time. There is nothing better for me than to spend time with people, getting to know them and showing them how valuable they are.

I also love to cook, entertain and sing karaoke!

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Best Story

I cannot say there has been one moment. My life is a series of events that have illuminated the path for me. I look to what is happening around me, that which moves my heart and, most importantly, shaping my own thoughts to elicit peace and joy to guide me. I am here with a message for all that intentions to make a difference in your own life and the lives around you reap personal and professional rewards.

Origin Story

Steph Palermo was born into an American-Sicilian family just outside Boston, Massachusetts. There were no ultrasounds in 1966. Along with the dysfunctions of her family, Steph entered this world with a rare disorder, Poland Syndrome. Fingers were missing from her right hand which was part of a much shorter arm. Another PS trait is the absence of the affected side’s pectoral muscle.

All around, life was going to be a bit more difficult for Steph Palermo. Her home was equally filled with laughter and tears. Steph witnessed abuse, a gambling addiction and violence. The dinner table was a sanctuary. All the family events revolved around eating meals most Americans experienced only in restaurants. At a very young age, Steph began to use food to find the “happy place.”

Meanwhile, outside the home, Steph faced the world. She was unable to play instruments, most sports and was slower at completing ordinary tasks. She was ostracized, mocked and left out. Steph had numerous surgeries to help her gain better use of her right hand. When the physical pain of bone and skin grafts wore off, the emotional effects lingered. She sometimes felt like a side show freak.

Steph, a naturally extroverted people lover, began to hide. She used food to find comfort. By second grade, Steph packed on the pounds. She hid her hand, and now she had a weight problem. This continued through adolescence, and her self-esteem was rock bottom.

Fast forward through a rough marriage and birthing four boys, Steph decided to take charge of her body. She hired a nutritionist and started boxing. She dropped one hundred pounds from the birth of her last son. This was the easy part. Steph had to battle her lack of self-confidence and embarrassment of her limb difference, always believing she was ugly and not worthy to be loved.

Boxing and years of therapy helped Steph gain the confidence she needed to start loving herself. It wasn’t until Steph started speaking about living with a limb difference that she realized she wasn’t alone in the journey against her false self. She finally started to laugh at herself, not take herself so seriously. This was the dawn of true joy for Steph.

Today, Steph continues to box, cook, socialize and ask for help when a task is daunting. If anyone understands the rocky road to peace, Steph does. She no longer hides behind food, although she still loves the party. Steph loves unconditionally knowing that the people who walked with her through her struggles are her cheerleaders. Steph continues the daily journey striving to love wholeheartedly and attain balance and peace.