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Julia Geisman

CEO & Founder at CareerAgility(tm) LLC

Human Resources

Education: Emerson College - Fielding Graduate University, M.A. Organizational Management and Development
Boston, MA, USA


Julia’s passion for creating an inclusive workplace led to the founding of CareerAgility(R)LLC, a company offering digital products and services designed to help companies create a work environment that acknowledges and values women’s contribution to organizational success.

She is the creative force behind the Leadership Equality Advancement Process (LEAP) Scorecard, a diagnostic tool used by companies to measure their workplace inclusivity. Julia is the author of "Your CareerNexus", a series of eBooks to increase women's success in integrating their personal and professional goals. Additional, she created "Bridging the Gender Communication Abyss" a workshop that takes a humorous, yet serious approach to closing the communication gap preventing women and men from building on each others’ strengths. Julia's unique ability to connect with her audience leaves participants inspired and smarter about managing gender differences in the workplace.

Over the last 25+ years Julia has worked with CEOs, senior leaders, and managers in global and mid-size companies to develop workplaces in which people, especially women, thrive. Her work includes organizational assessments, change management, coaching executive and senior leaders, as well as conducting a variety of professional development workshops nationally and internationally.

Julia holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Management and Development has been a faculty member at Boston University’s Graduate School of Management where she taught classes in organizational behavior and career management. She has also been an adjunct professor at Suffolk University where she taught Leadership, is currently an adjunct professor at Wentworth Technical Institute University teaching Managing and Leading Organizations, and has been a guest lecturer at Bentley University.


See above since my passion for giving women an equal voice permeates everything I do and the filter through which I see the world.

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Best Story

Early in my consulting career, a male colleague and I went on a sales call. The prospect appeared to be taking an adversarial position -- at least in my opinion. I mentioned that our intention was to be an ally vs. an adversary at which point he, the prospect, did a 180 and became less defensive. The rest of the meeting went smoothly.

After the meeting, my colleague said that what happened in the meeting was the reason he preferred working with women. He went on to explain the difference between the way men and women operate in a one-hour meeting. Men, he said, take the first 45 minutes pounding their chests and then something gets done in the last 15 minutes. Women, on the other hand, take about 15 minutes to find some common ground. In the last 45 minutes, they get a lot done! This was a seminal aha moment for me. And, my journey into observing, exploring, and learning about gender differences in the workplace began.

Origin Story

My passion for advancing women in the workplace evolved over the years as a female entrepreneur. It’s important to note that I consider myself an equalitarian vs. a feminist because I believe that everyone in the workplace deserves an equal voice. That said, it was the collection of my experiences that ignited the passion that led to the founding of CareerAgility.

As a “human infrastructure” consultant, I assist organizations in creating an environment in which individuals and teams thrive. At one point in my career, I had the opportunity to be an adjunct in one of the MBA programs at which time the flame became a bonfire. The fuel was a convergence of the multiple ingredients:

the lack of women in leadership globally;
continued marginalization of women and/or limited advancement opportunities;
no significant change in this conversation for the last 40 years;
unique challenges women face when integrating personal with professional goals;
observing the reluctance of women to advocate for themselves; and
deeply embedded secondary gender biases that permeate every aspect of life.

To make a very long story short, it was time to take action rather than continuing a running commentary about the injustices women experience. As a female entrepreneur and having been involved in the corporate world led to the realization that effecting a sustained change requires: (1) holding companies accountable for mitigating the obstacles preventing women from advancing; and (2) women having the clarity, confidence and courage to advocate for themselves.

CareerAgility was born out of these needs. Our products and services provide companies with quantifiable data regarding their success in advancing women in the workplace. Additionally, we have products and services for women designed to increase their success in advancing in their careers and integrating their personal and professional aspirations.

It is no secret that women and men seem to speak a different language. This plays out at home as well as in the workplace. We created Speaking Gender-ease(tm): Increasing Cross-Gender Communication specifically to bridge these communication gaps. When both genders understand the “code” of the other everyone thrives – women, men, and organizations.