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Education: Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins Organization
Las Vegas, NV, USA


Life coach Lorraine Lindsey has over 150k followers, over 2 million likes, and almost 10 million views on her social media platforms due to her growing popularity with her podcast show, The Mindsetters. She created the platform to talk to guest who share stories of overcoming by shifting their mindsets. She believes that if you can change your mind, you have the power to change your life.
She is also an awarding winning professional motivational speaker, a certified professional life coach, a Peak Performance Coach, and a Podcast host. Her training includes certification from the Tony Robbins Organization.
Her unique perspective and approach with coaching and speaking does not only come from her extensive training. It comes from personal experience. She was a single teenage mother who raised a successful son while working as an EMT for 10 years. She also climbed a corporate ladder, in a male dominated industry, and become one of the top producers in fortune 500 casino. She is someone who has experienced and has overcame bankruptcy, homelessness, losing a parent to suicide, domestic abuse and violence all due to creating a perseverance mindset.


Personal Growth, Mindset, and Perseverance. I love sales and marketing and have extensive experience in this field. Therefore, I love talking on these topics.

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Best Story

Tragic message. I was a EMT for 10 years in the Las Vegas Valley. A horrific call that included that murder of two children, left me with a life changing profound message. I was in disbelief by what I had just witness and decided to ask the detective why. I said, why would anyone do something so horrible, especially to children. He answered my with this, " The moment you know why is the moment you become them and so I stopped asking that question a long time ago." Although a tragic lesson, it taught me to let go of trying to understand people who have done bad things to me.

Origin Story

Growing up I experience homelessness, domestic violence, the suicide of a parent and the murder of my best friend. By the age of 16 I became pregnant and a became mother at 17. Although I had endured a lot growing up, becoming a mother was the biggest life changing event of my life. I decided to leave home and work hard to build a life and home for my son and I. Almost 22 years later, I have a successful son who attends University of Arizona. I attended school to become a Paramedic and was an EMT for 10 years. I also attended Nursing school, and became a top executive with a fortune 500 casino in Las Vegas. I have traveled the world( Dubai, Cannes, Monaco, Europe and many US states) for business and pleasure. I have also founded my own coaching and consulting business. I have had extensive training from the Tony Robbins organization and am a Certified Peak Performance Coach (PPC) and Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC). I am a true testimony that mindset along with hard work and determination can truly change the course of your life.

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Understanding what your limiting beliefs are. Why are you stuck, why are you not performing, why are you underwhelmed. Discovery of deep mindset and how to create positive habits that will shift the mindset and encourage undeniable results for your life.