Nancy A Shenker

CEO/Founder/Author at theONswitch

Marketing and Advertising

New York, NY, USA


A straight talk visionary who captivates audiences worldwide with her wit and wisdom from center stage keynotes to moderating thought-leader panels and
facilitating workshops one-to-one, Nancy delivers.
And when Nancy speaks, you might not hear violins
but she will passionately advise you on a wide scope
of topics, from emerging media trends to maintaining
brand cache in a disruptive market to choosing back-
end technologies.
If you engage Nancy to speak, you can collaborate
on customizing speaking topics and developing
content workshops that drive audience participation
and interaction...specifically for your industry and
Nancy has experience in 50+ industries and
audiences ranging from 10 to 1,000!
Nancy A. Shenker has witnessed firsthand the rapid change in the business and marketing world over the past 30+ years. From the C-suites of Citibank, MasterCard, Reed Exhibitions (producers of ComicCon) to Nancy confidently straddles the digital divide and teaches you how to turn ideas into profitable ideas...while having fun.


Comic books (I've published two business comics), useful technology and artificial intelligence, creating and invigorating brands, and inspiring people to do great things.

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


technology ai robots diversity empowerment aging women in business metoo office romance entrepreneurship artificial intelligence

Best Story

An intern trash-talked me via chat with another intern on an office computer. I was able to see everything she wrote. Rather than stewing over it, I collaborated with a (wiser) intern to write a book of do's and don'ts for young women entering the workforce. The moral is that lemonade can always be made from lemons. (The trash talkers and I are still in contact...and they've both thanked me since for the life lessons!)

Origin Story

I have always been a bit of a renaissance geek -- combining storytelling, innovation, inspiration, and technology how-to's. Whether it was in school, in corporate life, or in my own business, I made complex, confusing, and often boring topics into lively and engaging presentations. A shy child, I am a classic "duckling to swan" story myself. I reinvented myself at 48 and then again at 61. I've faced health and family tragedies and challenges and emerged wiser (and funnier).

Example talks

30 Minute Problem-Solving

This lively, interactive workshop provides a new method for crowdsourcing solutions to problems. The audience votes on one challenge facing its industry or group and Nancy (the facilitator) leads the team through a fast-paced, upbeat, and innovative way to pinpoint problems and find actionable solutions. Can be tailored to any industry, group size, or challenge.

Embrace the Machine: AI, machine learning, robots, and ???

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies will change our professional and personal lives. Are you ready for the tsunami? This practical workshop can be tailored to specific industries. From definitions to trends to practical applications, you'll learn how you can "embrace the machine" and prosper as machines play a bigger role in business and life.