Sydni Craig-Hart

CEO and Co-Founder at Smart Simple Marketing

Marketing and Advertising

Emeryville, CA, USA


Is your organization looking to gain market share and deepen loyalty with small businesses, women or minorities? Sydni Craig-Hart is CEO of Smart Simple Marketing. Since 2006, her team has been helping companies to drive engagement with sought-after, growing market segments. If you want to increase the value of existing-customer spend, recapture marketing investments, grow customer lifetime value or decrease attrition, be sure to speak with Sydni to discover how her team is doing this for companies like Google, Verizon and more. Be sure to ask about a copy of their best practices case study.


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Example talks

Profitable Multicultural Marketing: How to Increase Sales Using Diversified Resources to Infuse Authenticity Into Your Campaigns

Diversity. It's not just the latest buzzword. One-size-fits-all marketing messages simply don't work - especially when you're marketing to small businesses. So what's a busy content marketer to do when perhaps you've never had a small business, you're trying to craft campaigns that engage the masses but still feel personal, and you've got limited time frames and budgets to work with? The answer is simple - diversify your team!

Join Sydni Craig-Hart, CEO of the award-winning digital content marketing agency Smart Simple Marketing as she teaches you how to infuse a new level of authenticity into your marketing campaigns, drive demand and increase sales by leveraging education-based marketing to connect with diverse audiences. She'll dissect powerful case studies from Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn to surface pragmatic strategies you can implement immediately into your campaigns.


* The latest insights on how to increase your revenue by selling to minority-owned businesses and women-owned businesses - the two fastest growing market segments in the United States.
* What's working now - Strategies to help your team embrace the opportunities available in multicultural marketing.
* How to deploy simple, quick-win projects that are guaranteed to generate an ROI and help you meet your goal.

Bridging the Divide: What Enterprises don’t Get about Small Businesses (SMBs)

Enterprise sales tactics and product development often proceed without considering the true needs and interests of the SMB customer. This session will explore that disconnect, identify key mistakes SaaS companies are making and offer a set of recommended solutions which will deepen loyalty, drive engagement and grow market share.

Profitable Networking – How to Turn Your Connections in Conversations and Contracts

You’ve just returned home from an industry conference. You mingled like a boss, rubbed some pretty impressive elbows and walked away with a pocket full of business cards.

Now what?

Networking and matchmaking are powerful tools for marketing your small business. Why? Because they involve relationship building, which is the key to driving ongoing success and meeting your goals. In fact, 95% of professionals feel that face-to-face meetings are essential for developing and fostering long-term business relationships.

However, your first meeting is really just the tip of the iceberg. Studies show, on average, it takes 7 to 13 touch points to turn a prospect into a client. Thus, it’s the work you put in after the event – that is, taking the appropriate steps to follow-up, stay connected and nurture those new relationships – that really gets results and opens doors for you to grow your business.

In this insightful, actionable workshop you’ll learn:

• What to say in your follow-up communications that sets you apart from other diverse businesses and gets a response
• Strategic tips for nurturing and building mutually beneficial relationships
• How to setup a follow-up system to ensure you don’t allow a lucrative opportunity to fall through the cracks
• How to leverage the connections you’ve made to create the exact opportunities you’re looking for to grow your business
• How to overcome the mindset limitations that are holding you back

Selling to Small Businesses – How to Create Content that Generates More High-Quality Leads, Increases Profits, and Meets Your Sales Goals

To be successful in marketing and selling to small businesses, even if you’ve never had a business yourself, you need to understand how small business owners think, how they make purchasing decisions, and how their business operations differ from those of larger companies. You can do that most effectively by speaking with real people (not the made-up personas developed in your conference room) and using those conversations to create content that helps individual business owners to be successful.

Attendees will learn:

- How email marketing company, Constant Contact, focused on one customer to create content that attracted over 50,000 small business customers and prospects to the company
- How to speak the language of small business owners and appeal to them on an individual level (even if you’re speaking to thousands)
- How to position your products and services to solve specific pain points How to create a team of ambassadors to sell your products and services for you
- The top 3 content marketing formats that are most effective for selling to small business owners