Kate Baucherel

COO, Digital Strategist, Blockchain Consultant, Author at City Web Consultants

Information Technology and Services

United Kingdom


A confident speaker with an in-depth and up to date knowledge of the landscape of blockchain technology, its potential, and its dangers. Based in the UK, with a preference for European events, but willing to travel for the right event.


I stumbled upon blockchain as a technology to underpin a business idea in 2015, and was immediately fascinated. I have built my knowledge through blue chip connections and rare formal courses and have an in-depth understanding of the processes and transaction flows of distributed ledgers across bitcoin, ethereum and hyperledger. I know my way around the ICO space and the pros and cons of tokenization. I hodl investments in BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC along with a handful of diverse tokens. The digital landscape as a whole excites me, whether that's the potential of blockchain or the challenges of cybersecurity and privacy. Building visible diversity and providing role models for the next generation of women is important to me.

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Origin Story

A graduate of the University of Newcastle and a Chartered Management Accountant with 25 years in business, my love of all things tech started as a CU intern through AIESEC with JD Edwards in Denver, way back when the AS/400 was a really cool piece of hardware and email didn't exist. In 2012 I co-founded community software company Ambix, which was acquired by a large tech group in 2016. I am Chief Operating Officer of City Web Consultants, a software house with an international blue-chip client base and expertise in emerging technology. We work with businesses who have a wicked problem to solve, finding the right tech for the job. I run training for executives and decision makers on the world of blockchain and speak at live and online events: I chaired part of London Blockchain Summit in June 2018, have presented several webinars for BrightTALK on blockchain, spoke at the Blockchain Game SUmmit in Lyon, France in Sept 2018, and will be at SXSW 2019 as a panelist. I write for a number of organisations and publications, most recently the British Computer Society BCS, the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy, Business Expert Press, and Coinverge. I also author the SimCavalier series of near-future cybercrime fiction.

Best Story

The dangers of Getting It Wrong with blockchain are pretty scary. Because a blockchain is supposed to be an immutable (unchangeable) record of transactions, it's vital that the coding around the transaction itself - what's called a smart contract - is solid. The worst story I ever heard was an investor losing $70,000-worth of ETH when a smart contract failed to execute properly. A whole industry is growing up around the auditing of smart contracts to make sure that the risk of error is minimised. It's a real sea-change for developers who have become used to rushing out software to business deadlines and fixing errors later.

Example talks

Emerging technology, evolving business

Businesses are always looking for that edge to grow or even to survive, and increasingly the difference is made by adoption of emerging technology, whether in products, business processes, or communication with markets. What tech is coming along the Gartner hype curve, and how will it impact business? Currently focusing on blockchain, AI, realities and IoT.

What's the fuss about blockchain and cryptocurrency?

A clear introduction to blockchain and its potential and existing applications in enterprise and society. Touches on real case studies and on the importance of cryptocurrency to oil the wheels, both for value transactions and for digital assets.