Linda Ugelow

Presentation and confidence coach at Linda Ugelow International LLC

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Tufts University - Lesley University
Bedford, MA, USA


Linda Ugelow is a speaker, author, team trainer, and confidence coach who helps business owners, authors, and company leaders overcome the fear of public speaking on stage, on camera, in the media, and in the meeting room. As an expert in performance well-being and a deep commitment to women sharing their voices, Linda empowers women to free themselves from self-limitations.

Linda is also the host of the new podcast, Delight in the Limelight discussion practices on how to go from dread to delight in the limelight. She's been featured in Money Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Inspired Coach Magazine, mindbodygreen, Positively Positive, and Thrive Global as well as on numerous podcasts. She was the opening keynote for the Profit First annual conference, presented at the European Positive Psychology conference in Anger, France, and was host/emcee at the TEDx Debrecen University in Hungary. She's the author of the book, Delight In The Limelight: Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen and Realize Your Dreams.


Helping purpose-driven experts, authors and workplace professionals overcome the stress and anxieties of being seen, so they can communicate with ease and confidence on stage, on camera, in the media or the meeting room.

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Best Story

It’s 2015 and I'm standing in front of my camera, my finger poised to press “broadcast”. I’m about to go live on a new app called “Periscope”. My heart is pounding in my chest. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, attempting to curb my rising anxiety. I’m determined to do this thing called live stream.

A friend told me, “don’t worry, everyone is scared. By the time you do 100, you'll be fine.”

“OK,” I think. “I’m at number 75. Twenty-five more to go.”

Origin Story

Although I’ve been performing for more than 3 decades, public speaking was always terrifying to me until I got fed up with the fear. Using tools from my Expressive Therapy and Movement Therapy background, I created a way to dissolve my anxiety and find an easy presence in the spotlight. When I realized that fear of speaking, is not something we have to put up with, but rather, something we can transform, it became my mission to help purpose-driven women to step into their confidence on stage and on camera so they can give voice to their ideas, perspectives, and mission to change the world. After all, if you had the choice, would you rather dread being in the spotlight or love it instead?

Example talks

The End of Impostor Syndrome

From support staff to CEO, there’s no position business immune from the Impostor Syndrome. You can have all the expertise, the awards, the education, and still have a voice in your head saying you'll never be good enough, that you don’t belong, or that you’re a fraud. In response, you keep working more and more and more, as if working harder and better will make the feeling go away.

This seeking for perfection is exhausting and counterproductive. Research indicates self-criticism can keep you from achieving your goals, leaving you unfulfilled. What if you could spend less time listening to an inner naysayer and more time enjoying the pursuit of your goals? In this talk, you’ll discover where impostor syndrome originates, how to transform that inner critic to an inner champion and the keys to ending imposter syndrome for good.

Fearlessly, Naturally You - Speaking On Stage, on Camera, or the Meeting Room

There are more opportunities today than ever before to share your expertise. Beyond presenting live you can make videos, host webinars, get on podcasts, and TV. All of these platforms can accelerate your business and career. The only problem is, being in the spotlight can feel scary. There is a common belief that fear is inevitable, and the only solutions are to either avoid fear by staying out of the spotlight or to white knuckle through the fear.

What if fear was a message of something deeper, not some random emotion without cause? When you investigate fear with curiosity rather than push it away, you’ll discover the keys to banishing speaking anxiety once and for all.