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Certified Wellness Coach, Special Education Teacher, Certified Autism Specialist at Love. Heal. Believe. com

Health, Wellness and Fitness

Education: Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) - University of Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ, USA


Dolly Tampos Oksman is a beacon of unwavering dedication and expertise as a certified wellness coach, certified autism specialist, Special Education Teacher, Behavior Analyst, Transformational Speaker, and Author. Her unique blend of qualifications and experiences, coupled with her role as the Founder and Owner of Love. Heal. Believe. LLC, a wellness company, positions her as a valuable resource for stressed working professionals, busy caregivers, and educators working with children with autism and other disabilities.

In the last two decades, Dolly has received a Master of Arts in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Education, specializing in Special Education. She also received a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis and is a Certified Autism Specialist. Dolly is also a certified wellness coach and Neurolinguistic Program Master Practitioner.

Dolly also spent some time as a lay missionary. She helped facilitate the building of Basic Ecclesial Communities. Her missionary work continued when she joined the Missionaries of the Assumption, a society of apostolic life. Throughout her missionary work, Dolly passionately advocated for women's empowerment, equal opportunity, justice, and peace, inspiring others with her unwavering commitment to these values.

Teaching special needs children gives her new meaning and purpose in life. In her way, she advocates for children marginalized and misunderstood by society. She also helps educators in their health and wellness by giving wellness workshops and presentations that address how to quickly and effectively reduce stress in the workplace and personal life and live in the power of love.

Now, Dolly is making a significant difference in the lives of stressed, busy working professionals, caregivers, and educators of special needs children who want to be happy and fulfilled and experience inner peace and calm through her comprehensive wellness programs, interactive workshops, insightful masterclasses, informative blogs, engaging YouTube channels, and enlightening podcasts.

Dolly can truly inspire and motivate your audience as a keynote speaker or workshop leader. She provides practical tools to help people achieve inner peace, joy, and less stress. Don't miss the opportunity to book Dolly for your next event and experience her powerful ability to engage and uplift your audience.

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Dolly is a passionate individual who strives for personal growth and development. She is constantly learning new things that can help her live her life to the fullest. Dolly focuses on increasing her self-awareness and creating a deeper relationship with God and herself. She believes that she can joyfully serve and love others by doing so. To achieve this, she spends significant time in prayer and meditation, journaling, and introspection. These practices are a part of her daily morning and evening routine.

Dolly values her faith, family, health, and having fun. She believes that life is a precious gift from God, so it is essential to be grateful for what life has to offer and not waste time stressing over things that do not matter at the end of the day.

Moreover, Dolly is passionate about wellness, particularly for busy professionals, and teachers and mothers of children with disabilities. As a teacher, she understands the importance of prioritizing self-care to serve her students better and live with less stress, more joy, and inner peace.

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Best Story

Dolly used to struggle with low self-esteem and chronic stress. She was unhappy, depressed, and had a deep feeling of emptiness. She tried to fill it in by attending church almost daily and doing things she thought would make her happy, but nothing worked. Others thought she was okay because she looked okay from the outside. They didn't know that Dolly wore layers of masks. Until one day, she couldn't take it anymore and attempted to commit suicide to end that deep feeling of emptiness. Thank God she was saved. Dolly found healing, solace, and joy when she entered the convent to become a missionary nun.

Dolly's journey is a powerful testament to resilience and transformation, a story that resonates with many. After battling low self-esteem and chronic stress, Today, she shares the invaluable lessons she learned during this transformative period with others, guiding them toward a more fulfilling and peaceful life. Her journey is a beacon of hope, showing everyone that transformation and inner peace are possible.

Why does Dolly share these SECRETS?

As a special education teacher, Dolly meets teachers and parents whose stress is wearing them down. Stress makes them feel impatient, exhausted, and emotionally drained, affecting their efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, relationships with their loved ones, and physical and mental health. It dawned on her to share the secrets she had learned that helped her keep her joy, peace, and ability to control her emotions and rise above stressful situations.

Dolly's expertise is not just a profession but a burning passion. She has mastered the art of transforming undesirable emotions into positive ones, providing a unique and effective approach to wellness. Her genuine care for helping people live their best lives, filled with inner peace, joy, and less stress, is not just evident in her work but is the driving force behind it. Her passion is infectious, inspiring those around her to strive for their best lives.

Origin Story

One day, one of Dolly's teacher assistants told her a distressing story about a teacher who had kicked her autistic student, which broke her heart. As someone who loves her students with autism deeply, she finds it difficult to imagine anyone hurting them. However, she understands that too much stress can lead to hurtful and unpleasant behavior. Teaching is a highly demanding and stressful job, which can cause mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems. She spoke to her para about the teacher in question and suggested they may have been struggling with too much stress and unable to manage it.

This incident led her to reflect on the fact that many people struggle with stress, which can lead to impatience, illnesses, emotional exhaustion, and burnout. Such issues can impact their productivity, efficiency, relationships, and mental and physical health.

Dolly reflected and told herself that she had hacked the anatomy of her stress and learned essential skills in the convent; why not share what she knows so students like her students would be in the hands of loving adults who were patient and understanding? Hence, she started sharing the secrets, and, thus, Love. Heal. Believe. LLC was born!

Dolly has breakthroughs with the help of her mentors, coaches, and spiritual directors, and now, it's her time to help others, too. You can invite Dolly to speak at your next event or hire her as your coach. Her programs are designed for individuals to take a step-by-step journey to a long-term solution to stress and deeper self-love.

Example talks

 Title: From Overwhelm to Inner Peace: Tame Your Stress Demons Easily as ABC, 123

Amid our demanding personal and professional lives, we often prioritize others at the expense of our well-being. This session delves into the crucial yet frequently overlooked topic of self-love and stress reduction. We will explore research-based, practical stress reduction strategies and techniques that can easily be integrated into your daily routine. These strategies aim to foster self-love, enhance resilience, and minimize stress. From setting boundaries to practicing self-compassion, participants will gain actionable insights to prioritize their well-being and create a more fulfilling and sustainable life.

Key Topics Covered: 

This session will guide you through 5 steps to master your stress, enabling you to control it on your terms. These steps include increasing your self-awareness and self-knowledge, mastering your stress, radical self-love, and Self-God-Others Connection, which will empower you and give you control over your life. This will lead to emotional stability, vitality, clarity, productivity, and efficiency, and life with peace and bliss.

Learning Outcomes:
* Understand the Importance of Self-Love and How to Develop Self-Love: Explore the concept of self-love and its relevance to mental and emotional well-being.

* Learn how to Identify Stress Triggers:  Understand the root cause of stress and recognize common stressors at home, work, social life, and other aspects of life and their impact on personal health, relationships,  and job satisfaction.

* Learn how to Tame Your Stress Demons. Understand the role of your stress demons in your current life experience and learn how to tame them to build resilience and inner peace.

* Practicing Self-Compassion: Understand the role of self-compassion in mitigating stress and fostering a supportive inner dialogue.

Target Audience:
This session is designed for educators at all levels, including teachers, administrators, counselors, support staff, busy professionals, caregivers of individuals with disabilities, and others who want to reduce their stress and experience inner peace. We understand your unique challenges and have tailored this session to provide practical strategies to enhance your well-being, resilience, emotional stability, and vitality. These strategies are essential for you to be more productive and efficient and to live a more peaceful, happy, and balanced life. 

*Practical techniques to cultivate self-love and reduce stress.
*Insights into the importance of self-care and taming stress demons and its impact on life and job satisfaction and effectiveness.
* Strategies for integrating self-compassion and self-love into daily routines to promote resilience and overall well-being.
* Resources and tools to support ongoing personal development and self-care practices beyond the session.

Living in the Power of Love: Three Pillars to a Joyful, Meaningful, & Less Stressed Life

Abstract: In a fast-paced world where stress and negativity often overshadow our daily lives, finding joy and meaning can feel like a distant dream. "Living in the Power of Love" unveils the three essential pillars that can transform your life into one filled with love, joy, peace, positivity, and purpose. This talk will guide you through practical steps to discover how you will attain inner peace and joy and unlock the secrets to a fulfilling, stress-less existence. Whether seeking personal growth or inspiring others, this presentation offers the insights and tools to embrace a life of joy and meaning.

Target Audience:
*Individuals who are seeking personal development and a deeper sense of fulfillment.
*Professionals experiencing high-stress levels and are seeking ways to reduce stress from its root cause.
*Christians and those who believe in God or a Higher Being, searching for life's meaning, feeling of wholeness, and Inner Peace
*Anyone interested in enhancing their emotional well-being and living a more purposeful life.

*The Pillar of Loving Oneself: Understand the foundational importance of self-love and learn practical techniques to cultivate self-respect, self-compassion, and self-care daily.
*The Pillar of Loving God: Explore how a deep spiritual connection and faith can provide purpose, guidance, and comfort, leading to a more centered and serene life.
*The Pillar of Loving Others: Discover the transformative power of compassion, empathy, and service, and learn how building solid and positive relationships can enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

Learning Outcomes:
*Embrace Self-Love: Participants will learn how to nurture self-love, boosting their self-esteem and emotional resilience.
*Deepen Spiritual Connection: Attendees will understand how to cultivate a meaningful relationship with their spiritual beliefs, enhancing their sense of purpose and inner peace.
*Foster Compassionate Relationships: The audience will gain insights into building and maintaining healthy, supportive relationships that promote mutual growth and happiness.

Hire me as your speaker for this transformative session and embark on a journey toward a life filled with love, joy, and purpose. Embrace the power of love and discover the keys to living a meaningful and less stressed life.