Julie Radico, PsyD, ABPP

CEO at Radico Psychological and Consultation Services

Women Empowerment

Education: LaSalle University - Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM)
Philadelphia, PA, USA


Julie Radico PsyD ABPP is an author, speaker, coach, psychologist, and consultant. She is board-certified in clinical health psychology. She has extensive experience in multi-disciplinary, patient-centered clinical care, education, research, wellness, and leadership.

Dr. Radico has first-hand knowledge of the realities that women face working in medicine, through her 10 years of experience in academic medicine as and having become an associate professor in a Department of Family Medicine. She has delivered over 60 presentations at local, regional, national, and international venues.

Dr. Radico has coauthored the book, You Will Get Through This: A Mental Health First-Aid Kit—Help for Depression, Anxiety, Grief, and More. Her through all of her professional writing she works to share practical, evidence-based mental health strategies.


Dr. Radico is passionate about empowering women, promoting equity, professional development, demystifying graduate education, and making evidence-based mental health treatments understandable.

You can see more of Dr. Radico's writings for women through Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/you-are-enough

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Best Story

Women tend to fall through the cracks in the pathway to leadership and promotion. Competent women miss out on opportunities in which they would excel. This happens for many reasons, including negative self-beliefs such as comparing themselves to others or disqualifying themselves due to not meeting 100% of the application criteria. Many do not have a mentor or sponsor to coach them or advocate on their behalf. I've worked to enhance feelings of empowerment in women who feel completely drained from overwork, bias, inequity, moral injury, and work-and-home-life-conflict.

Origin Story

I have spent years demystifying mental health topics, women empowerment, and leadership development for clients, graduate students, and professionals. My passion around these topics stems from my leadership experiences, teaching in graduate medical education, mentoring and coaching of women, and goals toward equity for all.

Example talks

Recognize and Reframe Unhelpful Thinking Habits as a Woman in Business

Unhelpful thinking habits (i.e. cognitive distortions) can result in you discounting your accomplishments, assuming negative outcomes when you take on new roles, and comparing yourself negatively to others. This can leave you feeling anxious and hesitant to fully embrace your leadership abilities.

Noticing, identifying, and reframing unhelpful thinking can boost your confidence. Second-generation bias, sexism, and systemic inequities fuel unhelpful thinking and imposter feelings in women. Additionally, our thoughts are not neutral, they filter through our beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. These beliefs can result in us filtering out the positive and hyper-focusing on the negative.

Through this talk I helped women in the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce:

· Identify several unhelpful thinking habits related to business.
· Apply the strategy of Catching, Checking, and Challenging their unhelpful thinking.
· Comprise a positive reframe for one of their self-identified unhelpful thoughts.

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