Stacey L.

Area Director at Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Disabilities/Disability Awareness

Education: Boston University, B.S. in Broadcasting and Film - University of Massachusetts, Lowell M.S. in Health Care Management and Policy
Boston, MA, USA


I grew up in a home with a younger sister who has a developmental disability and co-existing mental illness. Additionally, my mother struggled with profound mental illness as well. After our mother passed away, I became my younger sister's legal guardian and advocate. I have spent much of my career working in various areas of disability services to support people like my sister. I also have my own silent disabilities. I have an autoimmune condition, adult ADHD and have had to manage depression and anxiety. I am successful in my life not in spite of these issue but because of these issues.


I have a passion for many things. Yes, disability and awareness is very important to me. Other areas that are very important to me are women's rights, domestic violence prevention, writing and creativity, and humor. I have a great sense of humor and even took a stand up comedy class at Improv Boston last year. I have been able to shift some of the most difficult moments and issues in my life into funny and humorous stories. I will talk about almost anything in the spirit of reducing/eliminating the stigma of mental health issues and pretty much anything else.

I am willing to travel

Up to 75 miles

When it comes to payments

Everything is negotiable


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Best Story

My best story is why my last name is also my mother's maiden name and why I have chosen to keep that name after getting married.

Origin Story

I work for the state of Massachusetts helping individuals with disabilities to become employed in jobs and careers that are meaningful to them. I also do some work for the Perkins School for the Blind as well. The reason I am in this field is because of my sister, who has a developmental disability and co-existing mental illness and my own disability issues as well.