Courageous F.

Social Entrepreneur/Empowerment Speaker at Courageous Fire, LLC

Motivational/Self Development

Des Moines, IA, USA


I am a Black woman who survived domestic violence. I decided I wanted to embody the anti-type of what people typically think of us while modeling hope, empowerment, and living better after.


Domestic violence survivors and co-survivors getting their abuse reparations!

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Best Story

Giving the audience an example of how we can choose not to let the horrors we may have experienced be wasted. I sometimes tell the story of how I became a supporting actress. I pretended to be fine with many abusive things the perpetrator did and even as though I liked the sexual abuse. I then became a community actress and in my debut role earned a Best Supporting Actress award. I tell the audience I had been "practicing" on getting familar with my target audience - people who are hurting by being one and learning how to support someone else through acting.

Example talks

Why ALL Leaders Gotta Have A Robust Mufasa Speech

If you've seen this movie, you LOVED the part of The Lion King where Simba remembers Mufasa's voice from the ancestor plane. There's a reason why you loved it, why it's powerful, and why it's essential for sustainability for ALL leaders.


These talks inspire the audience to give themselves permission of some type - such as permission to say no, permission set boundaries, permission to do something different. The great thing about these talks is they can be tailored to the event or audience!

Where'd your money go?

Employers lose a lot to domestic violence (DV), especially money. Loss of productivity, absenteeism, higher health insurance costs, and talent retention / new employee training costs billions of dollars per year. Learn how to use the resources you alread;y have to insulate your organization against DV.

What is REAL self care?

REAL self care is something that is accessible when you need it, whether or not you're by yourself or with others, something that works on collective and individual stressors, and something that actually relieves stress. This isn't your take-yourself-to-a-spa-day self care. Learn how to know what you need and figure out sustainable solutions.

How to be a disruptor

Domestic violence homicide doesn't just happen. It has very distinct and identifiable stages. If you can identify it, you can disrupt it. Great for the following audiences: law enforcement, justice system, healthcare system, and child protective services sytem.