Alyssa D.

CEO & Chief Confidence Officer at American Confidence Institute

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Wharton School, Univ of PA
Boston, MA, USA


* Founder & CEO, American Confidence Institute
* 2-time TEDx speaker, a Boston Best Speaker, trained/coached 350,000+ individuals
* 7-time author, Thrive Global contributor, blogger, & podcaster, “Real Confidence”
* Stevie Awards for Thought Leadership
* MIT Trust Center Professional Advisor & Wharton Innovation Center Trainer
* Founder & Chair, ERG Leadership Alliance – largest association of employee group leaders
* Former Chief Marketing Officer for tech & HR companies; 5-time Founder/CEO


To empower others with this life-changing knowledge so they, too, can help others be their confident best.

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Best Story

When my son Zak was diagnosed with a neurological condition, maternal motivation threw me into the world of brain science to seek answers. Despite being only a mom and marketer, I pursued conversations with neurologists from around the world. I read dozens of brain science dissertations and published research. Plus, I explored unsanctioned sources such as alternative medicines and techniques.

I was relentless for answers, ignorantly stubborn in my desperation to unravel the technical walls that made brain science inaccessible to the masses. At the same time, my now business partner who encouraged me to write Kickass Confidence and start ACI, also invited me with Zak to visit her and some clinics in Toronto to do more research.

Divine luck struck when I received an email just prior to that trip. It was from a Spanish doctor who authored a book I had downloaded from the internet 6 years prior. At that time, I didn’t understand the content because it was too technical and not well edited. However, the email 6 years later triggered me to re-read the book and now with my brain science background, I could make sense of it. I quickly realized that this doctor had a viable solution for my son’s situation. Moreover, the doctor was emailing his past customers to let them all know that he had just moved to Toronto. Once there with Zak, with just 4-hour long sessions, I watched as this doctor helped Zak retrain his brain so he could confidently regain control of his body. I knew then, I had to share my amazing karma and life-changing knowledge with the world.

Origin Story

Fascinated with motivational theory, my former marketing career allowed me to apply psychological research and advice. However, neuroscience was nascent, and little was known then about how to measurably strengthen confidence in ourselves and others. When my son was diagnosed with a serious neurological condition, maternal desperation drove me to understand brain science. As a stubbornly fearless mom and marketer, I was able to figure out a way to help my son, but I also found a way to help anyone needing more confidence – essentially everyone.

Serendipitously, my 5th book, Ms. Informed found its way into a Canadian leadership and coaching expert who became my business partner and we created the American Confidence Institute to conduct and collect confidence research. Working with academic and business partners. ACI’s knowledge, tools and techniques are shared through keynotes, workshops, coaching, as well as online group and individual classes. We also certify coaches and do train-the-trainer sessions for corporate mentors and managers.

Example talks

The Confidence Reset

Everyday situations, people, social media, and our own self-sabotage relentlessly chip away at our
confidence. It's a battleground out there, but instead of succumbing to complacency or exploding in anger,
we have the power to fiercely fortify our confidence.

When we understand the neuroscience behind confidence, we arm ourselves with the knowledge to not just
survive, but thrive. We forge new neural pathways that anchor us, keeping us cool, collected, and in
command, no matter what curveballs life throws our way. This isn't just about feeling good; it's about reclaiming our dignity, embracing our accomplishments, and reveling in our authentic selves with unyielding, unshakable confidence.

Attendee Outcomes:
-Master the Art of Calm Resilience: - Crush those confidence villains with ease and poise.
-Embrace Certainty in Every Move: – Think, communicate, and act decisively, making lightning-fast decisions
with unwavering confidence.
-Become a Force of Influence: – Leave an indelible mark on others, radiating positivity, shaping culture, and
igniting inspiration wherever you go.

Great Leaders are Confidence Coaches: Learn a simple, science-based pro playbook

Impactful leaders know how to give confidence – and avoid taking it from other people. This wisdom usually comes from years of taking leadership classes, assessments, and a whole lot of trial and error.

We can shortcut the leadership learning curve by using a simple brain science-based coaching process.

Now anyone can become an inspiring leader and empower others to make better decisions, have greater engagement and experience less stress. Unlock the potential in everyone, including you!

Attendee Outcomes:
* Know how confidence works – gain an accurate understanding of what confidence is – and is not.
* Pinpoint confidence roadblocks – know the 3 fears that prevent confident decisions and action.
* Use ACI’s Expert Coaching Playbook – learn the 6D questions to unlock confidence incredibly quickly.
* Be fully prepared – get a complete toolkit and immediate experience through real world role plays.

Winning Pitches Give Confidence: Use Basic Brain Science to Confidently Ask & Get What You Want

Unlike a presentation, pitches only have two possible outcomes: yes or no. This creates uniquely confidence-challenging behaviors for both the person pitching and the people receiving it.

Your pitch tries to convince someone to invest, buy, approve, or join. However, they won’t act just because you have an artfully crafted message or slide deck. More important than the ROI data or stories you share, your audience subjectively decides if they trust and believe that you can and will help them. To win their business, you must demonstrate authentic confidence in your company, your product/service and yourself.

This brain science-based pitch bootcamp teaches you how the human brain works to best drive your own and other people’s behaviors. Get tips, tools and expert coaching to confidently craft, deliver and defend pitches that succeed.

Attendee Outcomes:
* Increased hit rate – understand what decision makers need intrinsically to confidently take action
* Shorter sales cycles – accelerate decision making by removing confidence-challenging obstacles
* Standout from competition – be the one they trust and confidently want to work with

Self-Coach Your Own Confidence:  Learn a simple, science-based pro playbook

A professional life or business coach can help build or rebuild your confidence when eroded by life’s continuous challenges. However, it may not be possible or desired to hire a coach all the time – but you can coach yourself!Anyone can use ACI’s simple brain science-based coaching process.

Learn how to identify confidence problems, fears and solutions to conquer whatever confidence kryptonite is holding back your happiness, satisfaction, and success.

Attendee Outcomes:
* Know how confidence works – gain an accurate understanding of what confidence is – and is not.
* Pinpoint confidence roadblocks – know the 3 fears that prevent confident decisions and actions.
* Use ACI’s Expert Coaching Playbook – learn the 6D questions to unlock confidence incredibly quickly.
* Be Fully Prepared – get a complete toolkit and immediate experience through real world role plays.

How to Give Real Confidence to Yourself and the Entire ERG: Uncover the science & secrets that truly empower everyone's potential. 

You stepped up because you know this is an incredible opportunity. It has the potential to really boost other people’s confidence and careers – as well as your own. Yet, being an ERG leader can be exhausting, thankless and even frustrating. It's hard work among other people with lots of passion and intention - but not always able to offer enough time or attention.

This session lets you apply basic brain science to better manage your own motivation as well as other people’s. Learn more effective ways to interact with ERG members, executive sponsors and allies. Mastering the skill of real confidence empowers every aspect of leadership and life.

Attendee Outcomes:
* Have clarity why being a confident ERG leader is so important and what you need to achieve that
* Inspire confidence, gain respect and have more leadership credibility
* Know how to quickly boost motivation in yourself and others