Robin B.

Social Worker/Caregiver/Author at Dreamerly Books

Mental Health Care

Education: The American University - University of Louisville
Louisville, KY, USA


I'm the author of a well-thought-of book of poetry entitled Daydream, and two highly rated children's books available on Amazon. I have read my poetry at local events and have shared my children's books at several local schools. I've done a podcast called "Tikkun Olam: Repair of the World." I was invited to speak to NAMI Family-to-Family classes and served as a co-presenter at NAMI classes for Mental Health Professionals. I was trained as a NAMI In Our Own Voice Presenter. I've also been a member of Toastmasters off and on since 2003.

I've been a poet and writer since the 4th grade, and since have developed several other skills, such as teaching and social work (at the Masters level). I'm fluent in Spanish, conversational in Hebrew, and currently learning Arabic. I'm interested in creating mental health and peace for all. This is a lofty goal, and I know we have to all work together to make it a reality. Let's get to work!


I'm passionate about volunteering, being happy, and helping others be happy. About learning and sharing what I've learned about languages, music, writing, mental health and peace.

I am willing to travel

Up to 50 miles

When it comes to payments

Everything is negotiable


mental health inner peace world peace peace poetry children books repairing the world languages disability teacher bipolar disorder anxiety management

Best Story

My recovery story, which includes, but is not limited to: Losing my voice (literally) after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and having to go to voice therapy to regain it. Then taking a public speaking course and being told I was too shy to be a teacher. Becoming an ESL Teacher and doing a great job anyway.

Origin Story

In the early 1970s, my dad couldn't get along with his fellow medical doctors, and ultimately was diagnosed manic depressive and prescribed lithium. He wouldn't take it in the summer, deciding to ride a manic high instead. He ended up committing a murder-suicide when I was 13. When i was 25, I was diagnosed bipolar (the same illness.) I was hospitalized several times, given shock treatment and drugs. I've weaned myself off many of them, but still take a few . I've earned two Masters Degrees while medicated under a doctor's care. I taught ESL professionally for JCPS from 1995-2005. I studied and worked abroad in Spain in 1990 and Israel in 2000-01. In 2013 I graduated from the Kent School of Social Work, and earned my CSW. I worked as an Adult Peer Support Specialist, passionately and effectively from 2013-2020.