Jessica Cumming

CEO|Founder at JC New Beginnings

Women Empowerment

Education: Baylor University
Austin, TX, USA


Jessica is a living testament to turning dreams into reality. As an "Imaginative Motivator", after an illustrious 20-year career in the tech industry at Dell Technologies, Jessica founded JC New Beginnings. She stands out as a seasoned international speaker, coach, trainer, and consultant.

A Wisconsin native, now residing in Texas, her dreams of global travel, embracing other cultures and empowering others have taken her around the world, including living in Australia for a year! Her transformative speaking and training have provided her the opportunity to work on 3 continents, over 8 countries, and elevate hundreds of individuals and teams. Jessica brings a wealth of experience in not just technical expertise, but also in refining the essential soft skills required for success.

In the era of AI and rapid technological advancements, Jessica inspires individuals and organizations to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and challenge the status quo. This includes empowering women to elevate other women instead of pressing the down button on them. With an extensive background of cross-cultural teams, she also empowers leaders and teams to communicate with impact, fostering inclusion and collaboration, ensuring professionals are well-equipped to embrace change and succeed!
Jessica is a Master Certified Professional Coach, as well as PMP certified.


Empowering teams and individuals to embrace change and succeed! When Jessica was 8, she was training her mother's employees in her 2 gifts and needleworks shops. By 10, she said she wanted to travel the world and train people. In her 20's she started doing just that, and hasn't looked back!

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


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Best Story

A standout moment occurred on a career panel at Dell, addressing 5,000 people, Jessica emphasized the importance of taking risks. "You have to be willing to take the risk. You don't know what's around the corner, and you never will if you aren't willing to take the risk". Now she's taking risks every day to leave the legacy she wants to leave behind and empowering others to do the same.

Origin Story

When she was laid off, she took it as a blessing, gift and a sign, it was time to share her story, and expertise on a larger scale! She knew this was her opportunity to do it wholeheartedly and shine brighter than she ever had before. She took some time for herself before forming an LLC, and launching her business and hasn't looked back.

Example talks

Embrace Change and Succeed- Navigating Career Transitions

An Interactive Presentation that can also be adapted into a more extensive workshop to include mock interviews and resume building - In the last few years there have been quite a few massive layoffs, especially in the tech industry. Did you know, women have been impacted by 45% of those layoffs?. When looking at the numbers it seems proportionate, but, women have only made-up for an average of 27% of the tech workforce in last few years. So although this is is applicable to all individuals, women in tech are currently two to three times more likely to be laid off. Through Embrace Change and Succeed, I  provide individuals with 6 actions to take and various resources to utilize to successfully navigate their transition and secure the job they want.

Takeaways: How To- Take time to process, Maintain positive mental health, Upskill for the job you want, Build/Re-build your Brand, Interview Prep and more!Takeaways: How To- Take time to process, Maintain positive mental health, Upskill for the job you want, Build/Re-build your Brand, Interview Prep and more!

Unleashing the Power Within: Women, Risk-Taking, and Creating Your Legacy

Presentation that can be turned into an Interactive Workshop to include exercises - The history of women's struggles and achievements in the workplace is nothing new. But NOW is the time for women to take risks, blaze their own trail . By showing up unapologetically and telling your truth, you create the legacy you want to leave behind for yourself, and as a blueprint for future generations. I partner with you on this journey and provide 5+ actions to take to get you from ordinary to extraordinary, on your terms.

Takeaways: How to- Upskill, Obtain and properly utilize a Coach, Mentor and Sponsor, Strategically Network, and Be Solution Focused and speaking confidently to create your legacy.

Unlock Your Future- The Power of VIsion Boards and Manifestation

Interactive Workshop- We often get so caught up in day to day lives that we find ourselves focusing on the small screen, not the big picture. This limits our vision of where we want to be
not only 3-5 years from now but also what it's going to take to get us there. When looking at personal development and self-discovery, vision boards and manifestation have been used as powerful tools for clarifying goals and bringing dreams to fruition for centuries.
These practices are rooted in the belief that taking the time and aligning your thoughts, emotions, and intentions can influence the course of life and attract positive outcomes. I facilitate this workshop to empower those feeling “stuck” or need guidance to get from where they are to where they want to be. I do this by partnering with them to unlock the power within themselves and go after what they desire.

Takeaways: The participants will learn the history of vision boards and manifestations, what they are, how and why creating a vision board coupled with positive manifestations can help build your future. The participants will create their own personal vision board to take home as their blueprint to achieve their goals, including the hard stuff.