Stephanie E.

Workplace effectiveness, engagement, and well-being consultant at LORA Concepts Inc.

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Laurentian University (H.B. Comm) - Wilfrid Laurier University (MBA)
Hamilton, ON, Canada


Stephanie is the founder of LORA Concepts Inc. and a workplace effectiveness, engagement, and well-being consultant.

She works with corporate leaders and their people to help them balance high performance with well-being.

To that end, she is passionate about helping them build compassionate confidence.

She has nearly two decades of experience in the high-pressure world of financial services. Her deep expertise in this industry has given her a unique ability to relate to the goals and challenges faced by bankers and other corporate professionals.

Through interactive presentations, workshops, programs, keynotes, consulting, and private coaching, Stephanie empowers bankers and other corporate professionals to become resilient and engaged leaders with introspective clarity, who generate meaningful results.

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Origin Story

Stephanie has nearly two decades of experience in the high-pressure world of financial services, where she held increasingly senior roles in business development, treasury consulting, credit underwriting, strategy, employee enablement, and adult learning.

She enjoyed and benefited from each of these opportunities but she also experienced the many challenges that can accompany them.

Stephanie loves to do good work, for the pure joy of it. She loves to push herself. She loves to work hard.

But, she used to push and push and, in her quest to do great work, she would sacrifice her well-being, time and again.

She once believed that, in order to do a great job, she HAD to compromise her well-being and happiness.

But now she knows there is another way.

Now Stephanie knows that it is possible to crush it without crushing herself in the process.

She had to learn the hard way to build compassionate confidence in herself.

That's why she is so passionate about helping others build compassionate confidence in themselves.

Example talks

Crush It Without Crushing Yourself

This keynote is intended for high achievers who, in the pursuit of doing great work, often compromise their well-being.

Stephanie has always been a high performer but, for years, continuously sacrificed her well-being to achieve her goals. While her passion for doing excellent work and exceeding expectations remains, she now knows how to crush it without crushing herself. In this uplifting and inspiring talk, Stephanie shares how she learned to balance high performance with well-being, without sacrificing one for the other.

What I Wish I Knew Then

This keynote is intended for bankers who work primarily with business-owners. Stephanie was a business banker for nearly two decades before deciding to focus full-time on her company. During her transition from financial services to entrepreneurship, she learned many - often surprising - things about being a business-owner that she wishes she'd know when she was a business banker. In this talk, Stephanie reveals those key insights to empower current business bankers to think more like their business-owner clients.

You're Braver Than You Think

This keynote is intended for women, particularly those who, like so many women, hold themselves back. In this heartfelt and uplifting talk, Stephanie shares how she learned to pursue her dreams, despite often being plagued by fear, self-doubt, and a tendency to keep herself small. Attendees will be inspired to treat themselves with compassion as they build their confidence in themselves and learn to embrace their authentic selves, strengths, and dreams.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

This keynote is intended for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those who currently work in corporate settings. In this personal talk, Stephanie shares valuable and lesser-known insights on transitioning from a corporate career to entrepreneurship. With transparency, compassion, and humour, she talks about positives, negatives, and challenges, so that others hoping to one day do the same thing are more informed about the awe-inspiring, overwhelming, and wonderful experience of transitioning to entrepreneurship.