Cheri Andrews

Attorney, Founder at Cheri D. Andrews, Esq.

Small Business

Education: BA Mount Holyoke College - JD Temple University School of Law
Perkasie, PA, USA


Cheri D. Andrews, Esq., Small Business and Trademark Attorney
Cheri Andrews helps small business owners legally protect their business so they can sleep better at night. Using flat rate pricing, Cheri works with entrepreneurs on business formation, contracts, copyright, and trademark. When she’s not crossing t’s and dotting i’s, Cheri loves to travel, read, get messy with mixed media art, and hang out with her grandson Connor.


My grandson. :)
Mixed media Art
Helping small business owners get legally compliant and protected!

I am willing to travel

Up to 50 miles

When it comes to payments

Everything is negotiable


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Best Story

How I went from invisible to INVINCIBLE as a person and small business owner - this isn't one of my legal talks - it's my personal take on growing up in a home with an abusive alcoholic and what it took to get me to stop playing small and being invisible in the world of entrepreneurship.

Origin Story

After the loss of my sixteen year position as in-house general counsel due to corporate restructuring, I was 58 years old and faced with reinventing my identity. I saw a clear gap in the legal market - accessible legal advice for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, Mom & Pop shops, and creatives. I knew I could help! So, I chose to start my own legal practice so I could practice law my way.

Having had multiple side hustle businesses during my legal career, I understood the issues small business owners face on a daily basis. And I knew I could make a difference. My goal is to help small business owners protect their livelihood. After all, they work hard to build their empire – I’ve got their back!

I partner with small business owners to address their legal & business concerns – including concerns they may not even know they have. And we proactively address those concerns so they don’t become legal problems! Using a holistic approach, we take the time to fully explore the business model and short and long term business goals and objectives. This knowledge informs my work, so legal advice and assets are tailored to the unique business of the owner. Giving the small business owner the peace of mind needed to sleep better at night!