Kendra Rozett M.

Senior Manager of Datacenter and Network Operations at Healthedge


Education: Assumption College - Nichols College
Hudson, NH, USA


A mother to a neurodiverse son, spouse to another nerd, professional with 22+ years in technology and 2 liberal arts degrees. My career has been marked by repeatedly taking ineffective or non existent teams and creating an environment of support, high performance, accountability and satisfying career success.


Transforming teams to success, supporting women in technology, educating on neurodiversity

I am willing to travel

Up to 100 miles


womens leadership women in tech women in business empowering women women and leadership neurodiversity neurodiversity and disability support team leadership authentic leadership the future of leadership high performance teams leading high performing virtual teams building high performance teams working mothers motherhood

Best Story

As a women with 2 liberal arts degrees I have had an unusual journey to technology leadership. I have overcome opposition in all forms even sexual harassment. I have turned this into opportunity and learned to rise above.