Mariah L.

Founder at Mariah Magazine

Marketing and Advertising

Buffalo, NY, USA


Mariah is an award-winning Organic SEO Consultant & Online Business Educator for entrepreneurs over at She’s a firm believer that showing up on Google, increasing your visibility (organically), and marketing your business doesn’t have to be as difficult & overwhelming as everyone makes it. With 8+ years of experience as an entrepreneur in the online & digital marketing space, she’s helped over 150+ clients get their websites found on Google by implementing a strategy that feels both doable AND aligned.


Helping entrepreneurs build a business that feels aligned with their zone of genius & the lifestyle they crave. I believe that we each get to do things our own way. Do things differently. Make the rules and break the rules. Because that’s the only way that we’ll be able to build a life that feels deeply fulfilling & wildly aligned. Aside from being obsessed with online business & marketing, you’ll find me nerding out about Human Design with anyone who will listen, and testing out new recipes in the kitchen that I found on Pinterest.

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I sometimes get paid for speaking


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Origin Story

I jumped full steam into this online business world in 2015, as a young lil’ 22-year-old, freshly quitting both college & my full-time job in the same month, and haven’t looked back since…