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Education: Florida State University - EMeharry Medical College
Atlanta, GA, USA


Dr. Frita is the founder and president of her own nephrology practice (Midtown Atlanta Nephrology, P.C.), and she is the medical director of a non-profit dialysis unit. Dr. Frita loves taking care of patients and giving medical advice. She now spreads her medical knowledge beyond the confines of her office walls by being a medical expert commentator.

• Dr. Frita’s YouTube channel (Dr.Frita) has over ½ MILLION subscribers.
• Dr. Frita has appeared as a medical expert on the following shows …

HLN Weekend Express Fox & Friends Emmy Award Winning Paternity Court Revolt TV
The Grio Pix 11 New York Roland Martin Unfiltered CBS 46
Fox News Live Good Day Atlanta 11 Alive News NBC Twin States News
Personal Injury Court V-103 Radio Sister Circle Live BNC News
Portia Show ADA Live! Podcast Astrazeneca Brand Partner/ Commercial

• Dr. Frita graduated from the Honors Program at Florida State University with a B.S. in Biology.
• attended medical school at Meharry Medical College, which she completed with a straight A average earning honors in every clinical rotation.
Dr. Frita …
o was Miss Meharry Medical College (public relations liaison)
o was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA)Honor Medical Society –the highest honor attainable by a medical student.
o completed her Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency at Georgetown University Hospital
o completed her Nephrology fellowship at Emory University School of Medicine.

• Dr. Frita became triple board certified
(certified in Nephrology, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics).
• Dr. Frita is…
o the author of the book Under pressure: A Guide to Controlling High Blood Pressure
o the 100 Black Men Medical Image Award Recipient of 2022
o the Nati’l Kidney Foundation ATL Community Activist of the Year Recipient


Health Care Advocacy and Empowerment. Actively working to close the healthcare gap and diminish health inequities is my passion. I love speaking on topics such as…
• How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally
• Women’s Health: How to Put Down the Super Woman Cape and Take Care of Ourselves
• Racial Health Inequities: How to Close the Healthcare Gap in Maternal, Heart, Mental, Cancer Care and more
• How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy
• Fighting Obesity: Weight Loss Shots or Just In-the-Gym Squats?
• If You Don’t See It, You Can’t Be It: The Importance of Minority Representation to Motivate Black Children and Children of Color to Succeed
• What About Our Kids? How Healthy Habits Can Prevent Healthcare Issues in Kids
• How to Reduce Workplace Stress
• Top Ways Stress Negatively Affects Your Health
• Allowing Your DISability to Unmask your Super Abilities: How to Advocate for Patients with Disabilities

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Best Story

After completing my Dual Med-Peds Residency at Georgetown then completing my Nephrology at Emory, my dreams had come true. I was seeing patients and sharing preventive health lessons, but I found that there waws not enough time in these 10 minute appointments to do all the healthcare teaching needed. Thus, I decided to start making medical videos. That way, I could share more helpful medical information with my patients on my business website.

Well…I found that it was easier to post the videos on YouTube. Mind you, initially, I had no idea of what YouTube really was. I did not know it had such a following, nor had I ever heard of ‘monetizing’ videos.
One afternoon, I decided to get started. I had my tripod, my lapel microphone, and my iPhone set up to record a video.

My youngest daughter meandered by and said, “Mama, what are you doing?”
“I have a YouTube channel, “ I replied.
“Cool!” she said. “How many subscribers do you have?” she asked.
“Three!” I boasted.
My daughter deflated then retorted, “…That’s sad.”

From then on, she and my other two children vowed to help me with my YouTube channel (if I promised to get them a puppy). They give me unsolicited advice; they set up my lighting; they participate in the healthy food prep demonstrations…

Now, my “sad” Dr. Frita YouTube channel has grown to well over ½ MILLION subscribers who follow me for the fun-filled, evidence-based, easy-to-understand medical videos where I share healthcare information and advocate for patients to live their healthiest, happiest lives.

Origin Story

I was blessed with brilliant parents who came from very humble beginnings as Black children raised in the South. My mother was one of 16 children, and my father is of the 1st generation to go to college.

I was quite the “parent pleaser” (as my siblings teased) because I entered beauty pageants and speaking contests under the tutelage of my mother, and I became a physician in the footsteps of my father.

It was originally my plan to be a primary care physician in a rural town like the one where my Grandma raised her 16 children. After I did my Nephrology (Kidney/ Dialysis) rotation, however, I realized that almost all the patients on dialysis were Black. When I would see patients in life-saving transplant clinics, however, almost none of them were Black. There was a HUGE racial disparity…That was my “a–Ha” moment.

I decided right then that I would become a Nephrologist and try to close the health care gap – not only in my field – but it would become my life’s mission to fight for equal healthcare access and to end racial inequities across the board.