Heather Holliday

Vice President, Digital Business Practices at JPMorgan Chase & Co

Financial Services and Wealth Management

Education: Carson-Newman University - Carson-Newman University, The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, USA


Heather Holliday has had a dynamic career journey across various industries including education, publishing, finance and technology. Her focus on continual learning has helped her develop transferable skills and build a successful career. She is adept at communicating, collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams, analyzing data and providing strategic solutions to complex problems. Her areas of expertise span a comprehensive range, including Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Writing & Editing, Corporate Responsibility and Business Analysis. She recently completed The Ohio State University Cybersecurity Bootcamp as she continues to build her technical skills and expertise. Heather is currently in a role where she provides governance oversight to ensure business practices and technology comply with various legal and regulatory obligations.


Heather is passionate about community involvement, corporate responsibility, diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), and education. She is actively engaged in service to her local community and has led a number of volunteer efforts, both independently and with her employers. She believes that corporate responsibility and DEI efforts are core principles in how companies should conduct business and works diligently to create and sustain an ethical corporate culture that serves the social good. She is excited about her learning journey in cybersecurity as she views this as another opportunity to serve the community and safeguard those who are most vulnerable.

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Best Story

I love to share the story of my career pivots across industries and roles. I've built an entire career portfolio by navigating multiple career changes all while building transferable skills. I often refer to myself as an "inside outsider" as I have developed strategies for leveraging being an "outsider" to the benefit of potential employers, current employers and myself! I've built a career battling through feelings of imposter syndrome to find a way to tell my own story and help others see the value I can bring to an organization and/or team. My love for learning and willingness to constantly challenge my own status quo has been the key to my success. I'm passionately committed to helping others leverage what makes them "uniquely you" to build a successful career.

Origin Story

Heather's don't quit and don't slow down attitude has helped her to succeed no matter the size of the challenge, type of organization or the industry in which she has worked -- proving both her enthusiasm to learn and her flexibility. She enjoys solving problems and view challenges as opportunities to learn or try something new. Part of what she loves most about working in technology and cybersecurity is the culture of learning, problem solving and adaptability many technologists naturally bring to their work.

Example talks

PRESENTATION/DISCUSSION MODERATION: Governing with Robots: What does an AI-enabled GRC future look like?

We’ve all seen the headlines with Artificial Intelligence (AI) making a big splash in the news! Even lawyers have already been (in)famous for their (mis)use of AI. Surely, there is a future in governing with robots, but with all this bad press, what does an AI-enabled GRC future look like? The goal of this session is to create a new design for Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) which is responsibly and safely enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This presentation is targeted for tech industry professionals and uses discussion groups to generate ideas for developing an AI-enabled GRC program that enables and enhances cyber security practices. During the session, we’ll discuss ideas about how to address the pain points and pitfalls of AI, as well as how to engage reluctant leaders and get their support for an AI-enabled GRC program.

This presentation is scheduled for the 2024 Women in Cybersecurity Conference!

PANEL DISCUSSION - Managing & Mitigating Data Risk Across the Multicloud

Take a deep dive into the dynamic world of data security and risk management in the era of multicloud computing and learn how to easily identify and reduce risk across the public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), SaaS, messaging platforms, dev tools, and more. Our panelists will share insights, best practices, and strategies on how they define, assess, and mitigate data risks across multiple cloud providers. Presented at the BigID Executive Digital Summit on The Future of Cloud Data Security on 12/7/2023.

Link: https://bigid.com/news/webinars/managing-mitigating-data-risk-across-the-multicloud/


If you’re exploring the topic of cyber security with an interest in a role that enables safe cyber practices, join your host, Heather Holliday, as she shares her cyber security learning journey in every episode.

Link: http://cybersecuritycohort.com


In the Cyber Snapshot series, Heather Holliday shares a new word or term in each video to promote cybersecurity awareness and education. Preview (and join!) this channel to learn a new cyber term in celebration of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWRiKRpI3pp-YwgsTx9FdFPUBdELqTbOW

PRESENTATION: The Inside Outsider

I've made a career of being an outsider inside my own organization. Being "weird" is what's made my career wonderful, but it often puts me in the position of being "the only one in the room who..." Who am I? I'm an elementary school teacher who loves math! I'm a writer for one of the world's most renowned financial institutions! I'm a communications expert on a technology team! For those who are struggling with imposter syndrome, a lack of diversity on their team, or simply being the "weirdo" in the room, this presentation aims to help you embrace (and even leverage!) what makes you uniquely YOU. My career might be one of a kind (like me), but I actually prefer the challenge.