Oge O.

Lecturer at University of Roehampton

Education Management

Education: University Of Portsmouth, Uk
London, UK


A highly motivated IT professional passionate about teaching and inspiring the next generation of information technology professionals. It is exciting to note that my journey both in life and career so far has been full of ups and downs. However, for each of my obstacles, I learned lessons that are now part of my success story. Constantly being part of a team that barely has women members, I felt pressured, intimidated, and inadequate sometimes. This indirectly impacted my progression until I resolved to consistently progress to achieving my set goals despite all odds. Now my experience has given me a voice to speak to others that may be experiencing the same. I have also designed and implemented open teaching approach that encourages resilience, and inclusiveness through continuous improved assessments and feedback from learners. I have extensive experience in cloud computing and cybersecurity with several academic publications in reputable IT journals and conferences. I am one of the WICYS mentors and BCS Early career Computer Science Academic Buddy Scheme mentor. My current research interests include understanding factors that trigger cybercrime, investigating optimal approaches to increasing cybersecurity awareness in communities, developing intelligent tools for managing energy utilisation in cloud data centers, detecting anomalies in cloud networks, and curiously researching intelligent strategies for mitigating network vulnerability.


I am passionate about people. Being a helping voice and hand to younger women and girls on their journey to career discovery makes me happier. I am passionate about technology and how rapidly it evolves. I love taking an adventure into cloud threats and discovering how best to mitigate them. I'm passionate about teaching people how to adapt to new technology and leverage new strategies to boost their business visibility.

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I sometimes get paid for speaking


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