Adrianne George

Founder at MyCyberExec

Computer & Network Security

Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - University of Bath
Charlotte, NC, USA


Adrianne George is the Founder of MyCyberExec. She holds an SPHR and is a CompTIA SME, two distinctions that when combined with her executive-level talent acquisition and talent management experience allow her to provide insightful solutions to your business.

Ms. George spent 15 years in federal service to include serving as the Acting Deputy Cyber Executive. She previously served as the Director of Analysis for the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC). Adrianne’s other career highlights included serving as Director for Counterterrorism for the National Security Council, deploying to Afghanistan, and multiple joint duty assignments with other federal agencies.

These experiences gave Adrianne an in-depth understanding about the challenges facing the public and private sectors to recruit and retain cyber talent. Through MyCyberExec, she will enable businesses to meet the growing cyber challenges and build strong security teams. She established MyCyberExec with intent to do these things a little differently as she believes cyber should be demystified. For that reason, her goal is to work with clients on approachable, authoritative, and actionable plans for their cyber needs.


I love witnessing the lighbulb moments, whether that be helping an organization identify what skills they need to succeed or helping an applicant communicate what skills they have.

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

Everything is negotiable


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Example talks

Defining a Learning Pathway: Steps Along the Way

CompTIA Partner Summit 2023 Panelist
What are the strategies and tactics that today’s corporate learning leaders use to keep individuals on their cybersecurity learning paths? What data is used to drive engagement? How do you manage the various ways people learn to create an enduring L&D program? What does success look like?

NC Defense Trade Show and Cybersecurity Forum - Developing the Cybersecurity Workforce Panelist

August 2021
What skills are needed to build the cybersecurity workforce of the future? How can academia and industry work together to build those competencies?

Cybersecurity Threats and Mitigation Measures for Businesses

UNC Wilmington Cybersecurity Conference (October 2021)
What are the major cybersecurity threats to businesses and what steps can SMBs take to protect themselves?

Protecting Federal Contracting Sensitive Data - Collaboration is Key

Panelist, Wilmington, NC (April 2022)
Which federal agencies have responsibilities in the cybersecurity space and what are some of the best ways to engage with them? What current regulations exist and what is changing?

NC PaCE Conference 2022: Feed Your Cybercuriosity!

Raleigh, NC (May 2022)
What types of careers are available within the cybersecurity field? How can you discover which cyber career pathway is right for you? What are the most common first steps to take when pursuing a career in cybersecurity?

Preparing Community College Graduates for Cybersecurity Careers

UNC Chapel Hill (Nov 2022)
What can community colleges do to prepare graduates for future cybersecurity careers beyond providing technical education? How can learning incorporate durable skills alongside technical skill development?

Breaking into Cybersecurity

Virtual Event hosted by NatSecGirlSquad (March 2023)
What types of jobs are cyber jobs? Do I have to know how to code to be successful? Do I need a degree before I land my first interview? What does a long term cyber career look like?