Sandra Estok

Founder and CEO at Way2Protect® LLC


Education: System Engineer - Univesidad Bicentenaria de Venezuela - MBA - Lake Forest Graduate School of Management LFGSM
Copley, OH, USA


Sandra Estok, MBA, GIAC-GSLC, CIPM, is the Founder and CEO of Way2Protect®, where she leverages her over 25 years of experience in the Cybersecurity, IT, and Data Privacy industries to empower individuals to take charge of their cyber safety. She is an international bestselling author of the award-winning book series Happily Ever Cyber!® and the Cyber Literacy series for children. With a unique blend of experience and passion, she has held numerous positions in Fortune 500 companies and private and public organizations, providing her unique insights into the world of cyber threats.


Sandra's passion is to simplify the complex world of cybersecurity and make it accessible for all. Her mission is to equip individuals, families, businesses, and organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves from cyber threats. She aims to promote cyber literacy and empower her audience to overcome their fears of the cyber world and protect what matters most against hackers, scammers, and Cybermonsters®.

Besides her dedication to cyber safety, Sandra is deeply passionate about mindfulness practices, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and outdoor activities. She strives to integrate these elements into her talks, fostering a holistic approach to cyber safety.

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Best Story

Sandra's life story is one of survival, resilience, and transformation. Growing up in poverty in Venezuela, she lived in a shack without basic amenities like running water or a bathroom. But her tough beginnings didn't hold Sandra back. They sparked a strong drive to succeed within her.

At seventeen, during her internship at Heinz, she was given the job of delivering an envelope to a five-star hotel. It was there that she got a taste of the world she wanted to be a part of. Witnessing successful business people, she decided then and there to pursue her dreams relentlessly, refusing to let her circumstances define her future.
Sandra had a colorful life. She experienced bullying, survived a frightening kidnapping, battled multiple health issues, and endured the nightmare when her identity was stolen. Instead of letting these trials break her spirit, Sandra used them to fuel her resilience. Each hardship added another layer to her determination to create a better life not only for herself but also to empower others to protect themselves.

From growing up in poverty to working with Fortune 500 companies and founding Way2Protect®, Sandra's journey embodies the indomitable spirit of human willpower. Her story captivates audiences, illustrating that no matter how daunting the challenges, we have the power to transform adversity into a driving force for positive change.

Origin Story

Sandra Estok's path into cybersecurity was born out of a challenging personal experience that dramatically shifted her life and career trajectory. Established in the tech industry, Sandra relocated from Venezuela to the American Midwest in 2005. Little did she know that the next year would hurl her into a six-year nightmare: her identity was stolen in 2006, embroiling her in a tumultuous journey filled with fear, frustration, and uncertainty.

Rather than succumbing to her ordeal, Sandra decided to wield her experience as a tool for change. She redirected her career, focusing on the intersection of human behavior, technology, and cybersecurity. Recognizing the urgent need for cybersecurity awareness and digital literacy and its far-reaching implications on every aspect of life - from our personal identities to our businesses and communities - she understood that stress and distractions, a common part of our increasingly busy lives, often make us susceptible to what she terms 'Cybermonsters.'

Sandra took her pain and transformed it into her power, creating Way2Protect®.

Way2Protect's Vision: We All Live Happily Ever Cyber®.

Way2Protect's Mission: To empower individuals to take charge of their cyber safety and have peace of mind online.

Example talks

Protecting Yourself from Cybermonsters - A Personal Journey to Cyber Safety

Overview: In this riveting and illuminating keynote, Sandra Estok exposes the raw reality of identity theft through her personal experience, revealing the daunting battles she waged to reclaim her life. With a blend of gripping storytelling, research insights, and pragmatic advice, she equips attendees with essential strategies to protect themselves and their loved ones from the looming shadows of cybercrime.

Key Issues Addressed:
The alarming increase in identity theft and cybercrime globally.
The profound impact of identity theft on personal, professional lives, and mental well-being.
Common misconceptions about cybercrime vulnerability.
Human error's role in data breaches, emphasizing the influence of stress and distractions.
The pitfalls of depending solely on cybersecurity tools for protection.
Relevance and Value for the Audience: Cybercrime's global surge affects individuals across all demographics, making this discussion crucial for anyone who interacts with technology. This talk amplifies awareness of the risks and consequences of cybercrime, serving as a vital wake-up call.
Sandra's personal narrative illustrates the unsettling truth - no one is immune to cybercrime. This engaging story fosters a connection with the audience and underscores the importance of constant vigilance.

The presentation offers effective and accessible strategies to safeguard from cyber threats through intentional, aware, and mindful actions. These tips provide invaluable guidance to individuals and organizations aiming to protect their data and assets.
Sandra's unique emphasis on the role of well-being practices in cyber safety resonates with those seeking comprehensive approaches to improve their lives and shield themselves from diverse threats.

By attending this keynote, audiences gain an in-depth understanding of cybercrime risks, leaving equipped with practical tools and knowledge to prevent falling victim to such crimes.
In summary, this talk holds immense relevance and value as it illuminates a critical global issue through a deeply personal lens. It offers a compelling blend of storytelling, research, and hands-on advice, making it engaging, enlightening, and extraordinarily pertinent to any technology user.

Additional Topics include:
- Elevate Your Security Awareness Program: Harnessing the Power of Mindfulness
- Your Phone: Friend or Foe? Discern the Reality and Fortify Against Cyber Threats
- Hacked or Not? Reveal the Truth and Protect Your Phone from Cyber Threats"
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- Empowered and Cyber Safe: Mindful Strategies for Women to Conquer Cybermonsters
- Creating an Empowered Digital Culture to Combat Cyberbullying
- From Awareness to Action: Mindful Strategies for Women to Conquer Cyber Threats
- Cybersecurity for Women: Techniques for Mindful Protection Against Cyber Threats
- Cyber Safe and Mindful: Empowering Women to Protect Themselves Online
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