Quinn C.

Keynote Speaker & Energetic Emcee at Speak to Society

Small Business

Education: West Chester University - Howard University
Baltimore, MD, USA


Quinn Conyers partners with meeting event and event planners to transform their events into epic experiences as a compelling Keynote Speaker and Energetic Emcee. She has over 18 years of virtual and in-person keynote speaking and Emcee experience. Quinn takes pride in giving mental makeovers as she positions Entrepreneurs and Leaders how to leverage Luxury Language to be super effective in their leadership position.

Quinn has an impressive history as a professional speaker and Emcee. She has spoken for organizations like Walmart, Nike, PayPal, Visa, UPS, the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Meeting Planners International, and the United Nations, to name a few.

Quinn is the author of 2 books, and made it to the 2nd round of Shark Tank auditions four times. Quinn has been featured on the Entrepreneurs Elevator Pitch TV show, as well as, Essence, Black Enterprise, Vision and Purpose and Empowering Women to Speak Out Magazines.

Quinn is a proud member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), was named 1 of 20 Black Women Entrepreneurs to Watch from Black Women Hustle and a Dream in Black Future Maker from AT&T, a Top Speaker from Smart Meetings Magazine and a TOP Emcee Voice on Linked In.

Quinn has taught Speech Communications for 5 years at Coppin State University, earned a Bachelor's Degree from West Chester University and a Masters from Howard University in Washington DC.


My passion is to leave a legacy with my language and change the world with my words. However my passion doesn't stop there. My goal is transform individuals in to powerful presenters who are required to speak to be effective their business or career. I believe when Sales Professionals, Business Owners and Founders are compelling communicators they can close business with confidence.

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I am willing to travel

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When it comes to payments

I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


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Best Story

In 2014, I lost my voice not because of an accident or a strain on my vocal cords. I decided to stop speaking and serving because I lost the value in my voice and decided it was best for me to remain "silent". For years, I put my energy and effort into another business until a friend asked when I was speaking again. This broke my silence and inspired me to pic of the mic again.

Origin Story

In 9th grade I knew I wanted to be a speaker when I grew up! It wasn't until years later while in college when someone asking me "How much do you charge?" That's when I leaned that I could use my gift of gab to earn a living. Its been 8 years Ive been a full time speaker and entrepreneur and there are so many personal and professional life lessons I learned along the way.