Rita F.

President at Charitable and Philanthropic Management Counsel

Nonprofit Organization Management

Education: Ohio University, BSJ - Capital University, MBA
San Francisco, CA, USA


Rita Fuerst Adams is a Leadership, Organizational, Fund development consultant. She transforms nonprofit/social impact organizations into better funded, more effective organizations; and builds internal and external teams to increase and diversify funding. She has worked with startups, both for profit and nonprofit; organizations moving from organic to planned growth. Rita works best with innovative, collaborative organizations focused on the common good.


My passion is bringing solutions to the marketplace through philanthropy. Social impact, change take time, patience, and persistence. They take community building with all stakeholders; and collaborating with government and business to influence funding and policies. This is philanthropy at its best.

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Best Story

Introduced Sprint design to an organization serving children and adults with autism to create its first business. It is now running two businesses to fund its mission and build on its charitable gifts and government funding.

Engaged and trained diverse international volunteer committees to lead organization’s first endowment campaign. Volunteers are cultivating and soliciting all gifts.

Built national advocacy organization through branding and structuring state affiliates and volunteer involvement. Moved it to a virtual office environment, providing 300+ volunteers access to information 24/7.

Origin Story

My undergraduate degree is in journalism from Ohio University and I thought I was headed for "Mad Men." While I landed the opening job at an advertising agency, I took a major turn when a woman providing marketing for nonprofits brought me in on one of her gigs. I loved it! I loved the groups and the work they were doing. I loved working with the CEO and Chair of the Board of Trustees; and their passion and knowledge. I loved the challenge of developing a compelling message for groups that are changing lives.

Example talks

How do we create community that nurtures and inspires each diverse and passionate voice?

In today’s conversation with Rita Fuerst Adams, we explore how to increase and diversify income streams as a charitable or philanthropic organization, how to move from organic growth to planned growth as a leader, the keys to building an effective board, and the importance of diverse voices for the greater good. Whether you’re a nonprofit leader or an entrepreneur or business owner building a team, you’ll find what Rita has to say very valuable.

How to Grow Your Philanthropic Organization

Everything you need to know and more about “How to Grow Your Philanthropic Organization”! Listen to this episode of the Startup Hustle Podcast where I got to talk shop with Lauren Conaway. https://linktr.ee/startuphustle

Philanthropy at its Best

Philanthropy is the third leg that balances governance and business in society. But, it’s not that easy: Rita Fuerst Adams says that for philanthropy to thrive, it has to include social movements and community building that drives the common good for all in society.

This begs the question: why? Does philanthropy really need to prioritize the common good to be successful? And, if it does, how are you supposed to make philanthropy a part of social movements and community building?


Community Foundations Can Assist You In Serving Your Clients

Community Foundations are an integral tool for you as you work with your clients on their philanthropic choices and commitments. They can provide you solutions as you navigate talking about philanthropy with your clients without recommending one charity over another.

Community Foundations strengthen regions by encouraging and supporting effective giving and by providing leadership on critical issues in communities. Learn how they can be your partner in serving your clients and understanding your clients’ philanthropic desires.


Philanthropy for All

Please join Rita Fuerst Adams and Robert MacPhee as they discuss how philanthropy and vision are related and more, including the difference between philanthropy and charity, when to start thinking of yourself as a philanthropist, the different ways of being a philanthropist, and the important gap philanthropy fills in today's world.


Earned Income Opportunities for Nonprofits

It is about the ways NGOs can diversify their funding; be entrepreneurial; and be more effective.