Hope Udombon

CEO & Founder, DR. HOPE Solutions at DR. HOPE Solutions

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: Kennesaw State University - Capella University
Villa Rica, GA, USA


Dr. Hope Udombon has spent more than 25 years influencing the educational paths of adult learners. She is a seasoned education professional and a committed businesswoman. She has a Ph.D. in Post Secondary Adult Education and a bachelor's degree in communication with a Sociology minor from Kennesaw State University. She also holds a master's degree in public administration from the same institution.

At the core of Hope's achievements is her role as the CEO and Founder of DR. HOPE Solutions. Under her visionary leadership, the organization works tirelessly to empower professionals and executives. Their mission is to help people overcome fear, gain confidence, and ultimately achieve their goals. Her personalized approach and relentless passion fuel her purpose of helping individuals unlock their potential.

Despite her busy professional schedule, Hope believes in the importance of a balanced life. Outside of her commitment to education and leadership, she can be found reveling in the company of her loving husband of 26 years and their children, creating moments that they will cherish forever.

Hope's love for singing, cooking, and traveling showcases her multifaceted personality. As a curious explorer and an avid traveler, she looks forward to expanding her horizons by speaking at various conferences around the globe, aiming to ignite transformation and growth in people from all walks of life.

Her future is bright and filled with the promise of impacting many more lives. As she continues to shape her legacy, Dr. Hope Udombon remains committed to her mission: fostering success, inspiring confidence, and driving transformative education, one learner at a time.


Leadership confidence, Discovery of Purpose, Unstoppable Power Confidence, Daring to Believe, Leading with Confidence

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