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Sheryl Lynn is an exceptional leader and professional speaker who has overcome numerous challenges and obstacles throughout her life. With over 30 years of experience, she has honed her skills and prioritized sustained joy as a guiding principle. Sheryl has developed a profound understanding of cultivating a Culture of Joy within companies and organizations, making her an inspiring figure in this field.

Sheryl's journey towards personal growth and success has been shaped by her diverse experiences in various industries. She has achieved success in Real Estate, Restaurant Ownership, and Consumer Packaging Goods Industry Consulting, showcasing her versatility and adaptability. Through her extensive travels, she has been able to implement culture of joy programs and has even launched a highly influential magazine called "Living JOYELY," which serves as a source of inspiration for readers worldwide.

As an accomplished author, podcast host, and facilitator, Sheryl delves into a wide range of topics in her work. Her areas of expertise include Diversity, Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Networking, Wellness, Women's Leadership, Aging, Women in Transition, Team Strength, and Strength Assessment. She is a passionate advocate for Diversity and Inclusion, offering valuable insights and guidance to individuals striving for personal improvement.

What sets Sheryl apart is her unwavering emphasis on the significance of joy in our daily lives. She empowers individuals to enhance their overall well-being, regardless of the chair they find themselves in. Sheryl's Chair of Joy Experience is a metacognitive strategy consisting of four principles: Sit, Breathe, Think, and Feel. By incorporating these principles into their lives, individuals can cultivate a deep sense of joy and fulfillment.

Sheryl's own story is a testament to her resilience and determination. She has faced and overcome challenges such as substance abuse, spousal and custody battles, loss, and failure. Despite coming from humble beginnings, she never gave up on her dreams and continued to forge her path towards success.

Sheryl's life experiences have shaped her into an extraordinary leader and motivator. Her ability to overcome obstacles and find joy in every aspect of life serves as an inspiration to others. By sharing her story and insights, she instills hope and empowers individuals to conquer their own challenges, embrace joy, and create a life of fulfillment and purpose.


Imagine a person named Sarah, who had been feeling stuck in her career and lacked a sense of fulfillment. One day, she attended a workshop led by Sheryl Lynn, a renowned expert in the science of joy. The workshop covered various topics that resonated deeply with Sarah, including Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sales, and Women's Leadership. As Sheryl shared her insights and strategies, Sarah couldn't help but feel a smile spread across her face.

Inspired by the workshop, Sarah decided to embark on a personal transformation journey. She started applying the principles of joy in her daily life, embracing the Chair of Joy Experience. Sarah would sit, breathe, think, and feel, allowing herself to tap into the power of joy regardless of her circumstances.

As Sarah continued her transformation, she began to notice significant changes in herself and those around her. At work, she exuded a newfound confidence and positivity. Her colleagues, intrigued by her radiant energy, started seeking her guidance on leadership techniques. Sarah happily shared the knowledge she had acquired from Sheryl's teachings, empowering her colleagues to take on leadership roles themselves.

The transformation extended beyond just Sarah. The organization she worked for started witnessing a positive shift in its culture. As more employees became aware of the transformative power of joy, they started sitting up straighter, embracing their roles with enthusiasm. The executives noticed this change and recognized the importance of nurturing a joyful work environment.

With Sarah's encouragement, the organization embarked on a journey to infuse joy into its core values. Sheryl Lynn was invited to facilitate workshops and trainings, focusing on building a culture of sustained joy. The staff and executive team eagerly participated, learning how joy strengthens business, people, and culture. Laughter became a regular occurrence in meetings and interactions, as the team gained courage to take risks and embrace new ideas.

Over time, the organization experienced a remarkable transformation. The once-dull work environment had turned into a vibrant and innovative space. Collaboration flourished, and employees felt a renewed sense of purpose and engagement. The organization's success skyrocketed as a result of the joyful energy that permeated every aspect of its operations.

Sarah, now a key leader within the organization, continued to champion the power of joy. She shared her story of personal transformation, emphasizing the profound impact it had on her career and well-being. She became an advocate for diversity and inclusion, recognizing the importance of embracing different perspectives and experiences.

The smile on Sarah's face grew wider as she witnessed the positive ripple effects of joy spreading throughout her organization and beyond. She knew that the transformation she had experienced was just the beginning, and she was determined to continue harnessing the power of joy to create a lasting impact on individuals, teams, and organizations.

In this story, the topics that put a smile on Sarah's face, and yours, include the transformation of individuals, groups, and entire organizations when they understand how to harness the power of joy. It's the realization that joy can lead to new opportunities, enhanced leadership techniques, empowerment of others, stronger business results, and a culture where courage and laughter thrive. The story illustrates the profound and far-reaching effects that joy can have, ultimately creating a more fulfilling and successful environment for everyone involved.

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Best Story

The blue-shirted man, adorned with the company logo and a beaming smile, sat at the front desk of the cardiology department, ready to welcome patients and their families. Amidst the bustling hospital environment, I observed his interactions with those seeking guidance. People approached him with questions: "Do I need a mask?", "Where can I find the cafeteria?", "Which way to the X-ray department?", and "Can you assist with my husband's wheelchair?" With a gentle smile, he answered each query, navigating the maze of inquiries with grace.

In that momentary lull, I introduced myself as the "Culture of Joy Expert" and shared my purpose of providing a brief mental health break for the staff. His eyes lit up, and he eagerly expressed his interest.

Together, we embarked on the 60-second Chair of Joy Experience. As the session concluded, I witnessed a transformative shift in his demeanor. The weight of stress and anxiety had lifted, replaced by a sense of comfort and a tear of release.

During our conversation, he revealed a powerful memory of joy: playing softball with his 8-year-old grandson in their backyard. It was a cherished moment, one that held deep significance. Curious about the emotions it evoked, I inquired further. With heartfelt honesty, he shared a heart-wrenching truth - his grandson, Joshua, had tragically lost his life in a collision with a drunk driver. The pain was immeasurable.

What he shared next resonated deeply. He revealed the unspoken reality of grief in the workplace - the expectation to keep moving forward, to bury the pain and carry on. But he couldn't forget, and it weighed heavily on him. Grateful for the opportunity to pause and truly listen, to remember Joshua together, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude. Through the Chair of Joy, he found solace in summoning a multitude of precious memories, bringing a profound sense of peace. Joshua would forever remain in his heart, and he missed him every day. And now, with a renewed spirit, he turned to the next patient, greeting them warmly and offering assistance.

In this powerful story, the Chair of Joy Experience became a catalyst for healing and connection. It provided a safe space for genuine human connection amidst the demands of the healthcare setting. The transformative power of acknowledging and honoring one's personal journey, even in the midst of work, brought a renewed sense of purpose and compassion to the blue-shirted man. And through his own healing, he was able to extend kindness and support to those seeking his help.

This story serves as a reminder that embracing joy and acknowledging our shared experiences can create a culture of compassion and understanding within any organization. The Chair of Joy Experience holds the potential to unlock hidden emotions, foster healing conversations, and inspire a renewed sense of purpose, even in the face of adversity.

Origin Story

I discovered the transformative power of the Chair of Joy™, a practice that allowed me to find stillness and tap into my inner strength and control. With years of practice, I developed the Chair of Joy™ Experience, a powerful and impactful practice that brings a measurable return on joy (ROJ). It became my personal choice to invest in this practice, knowing that it would free me from worries and push-pull dynamics.

The message is simple: you have the power to create the life you want by embracing joy within yourself. Joy is the key to expanding your life and experiencing wealth, peace, hope, and contentment. No external circumstances can hinder you when you focus on making joy the dominant vibration in your life. People often ask how I remain vivacious and centered, and now I can show them through the Chair of Joy™.

In March 2020, I introduced the Chair of Joy™ to others, inviting them to sit, breathe, and think about joyful things. The experience creates a profound shift within individuals, leaving them eager to share their transformative experience with others. Through a lifetime of healing and personal growth, I have learned to focus on joy and what's working in my life, recognizing my own value and worth.

By sitting in the Chair of Joy™ three times a day, I accept and embrace the gifts that come my way, knowing they will elevate not only my life but also the lives of others. This exciting and fulfilling lifestyle has worked for me, and I am confident it can work for anyone who embraces it.

Key Points:

1)The Chair of Joy™ is a transformative practice that brings measurable return on joy (ROJ).
2)Embracing joy within yourself is the key to creating the life you desire.
3)The Chair of Joy™ Experience allows individuals to tap into their inner strength and control.
4)Joy expands your life and brings wealth, peace, hope, and contentment.
5)Focusing on joy as the dominant vibration can overcome any external challenges.
6)Introducing the Chair of Joy™ to others creates a profound shift and leaves them eager to share their experience.
7)Embracing joy and focusing on what's working in life enhances personal value and worth.
Sitting in the Chair of Joy™ three times a day brings continuous growth and elevates lives.

Example talks

Unlocking Joy: Transforming Your Organization for Success!

In this dynamic keynote presentation, we delve into the powerful principles of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Networking, Authorship, Diversity and Inclusion, Wellness, Women's Leadership, Employee Engagement, Interactive Employee, Team Strength, and more. Discover the transformative potential of joy and its ability to elevate your organization to new heights.

Key Takeaways:

1- The Power of Joy: Embrace the profound impact joy can have on your organization. Learn how cultivating a culture of joy enhances employee motivation, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Joyful employees are more engaged, resilient, and better equipped to tackle challenges.

2- The Chair of Joy Experience: Introducing the Chair of Joy™, a simple yet effective cognitive tool designed to reset and empower individuals. Uncover the secrets of this technique and witness how it can rapidly shift mindsets, dissolve limitations, and ignite true potential within your team.

3- Cultivating Joy in the Workplace: Gain practical insights and actionable tips for infusing joy into your organization's everyday life. Discover how small changes and mindful practices can create a more positive and fulfilling work environment, fostering employee well-being and enhancing overall team dynamics.

Join us as we uncover the transformative power of joy and guide you on a journey towards a more motivated, engaged, and successful organization. Together, we will unleash the full potential of your team and create a workplace where joy thrives, productivity soars, and success becomes inevitable.


"Unleashing Joy" is an engaging program designed to empower organizations to break through chaos and unlock their true potential. With a focus on key areas such as Diversity, Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Networking, Authorship, Diversity and Inclusion, and Wellness. This presentation offers actionable strategies for cultivating joy and driving positive change.

During this program, participants will discover the transformative power of joy and its impact on personal and professional success. They will explore the concept of The Chair of Joy™, a cognitive tool that enables individuals to tap into their hidden potential and find moments of joy, even in challenging circumstances. Through interactive exercises and real-life examples, attendees will gain practical insights into integrating joy into their daily lives and work environments.

Key Takeaways:

1- The Chair of Joy™: Learn how to harness the power of this cognitive tool to experience moments of joy and reduce stress in personal and professional settings.

2- Cultivating a Culture of Joy: Understand the science-backed principles behind creating a joyful work environment. Explore how embracing joy can enhance profitability, decrease turnover, and increase customer satisfaction.

3- Impacting Individuals and Communities: Discover the far-reaching effects of joy on individuals and communities. Unleash the potential for greater peace, collaboration, and connection through the practice of joy.

By unlocking the power of joy, organizations can inspire positive transformation, improve employee well-being, and foster a culture of success. "Joy Unleashed" provides the tools and insights needed to embark on this transformative journey, creating lasting impact and unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams.