Nicole Middendorf

CEO at NM Media

Women Empowerment

Education: International Business/ Marketing - St. Cloud State University
Minnetonka, MN, USA


Nicole Middendorf is known for her credible advice in the Financial Services world and compassionate supportive voice for domestic abuse. She has spoken at conferences to inspire others with “Living Life to the fullest” and “How to become a Million-Dollar Producer in 5 years”. Which is an exhilarating talk on marketing your business like an expert, she should know as she herself did this. If that is not enough, Nicole has an inspirational presentation on “Healthy Relationships: What is your relationship with yourself and others?” that dives into understanding yourself and others.
Nicole is the author of five books with more in the works! She has been featured in Forbes Magazine, and Chicago Tribune, alongside other publications. She is a familiar face in the media nationwide and is frequently complimented on her alluring, engaging, and poise demeanor.
One afternoon in Nicole’s 9th-grade English class her teacher bent down and whispered, “Are you a leader or a follower?” Nicole responded, “A follower.” Her teacher giggled and then explained to her why she was incorrect and how she is a natural leader. Years have passed since then and confirmation of this everywhere surrounds her life. Nicole is CEO of Prosperwell Financial, founder of the Nicole Middendorf Foundation, and owner of Nicole Middendorf Media.
She was born and raised in Minnetonka, Minnesota and after High School, Nicole attended St. Cloud State University to complete her bachelor’s degree in International Business and Marketing. Upon graduation, she became a licensed Financial Advisor in 1999 and began working for Morgan Stanly. In 2003 Nicole branched out on her own and started Prosperwell Financial and by 2008 she was a Million-Dollar producer!
Nowadays, when she is not in the office or taking the stage somewhere you might run into her at the airport as she is a worldwide traveler! Or perhaps sitting in the stands at her local ice rink or football field cheering her kids on!


Nicole’s passion is empowering individuals to make crucial, positive changes in their own lives. She helps individuals all over the world realize their full potential. We only have one life, so why limit yourself?

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Origin Story

My vision at a young age outside of the Incredible Hulk’s wife included both a lawyer and a psychologist. However, I found my place in the Financial Services Industry, where I often feel like a psychologist! I initially got into the financial world because of my husband at the time. Fast-forward a few years into my marriage, my life took a dark turn. I knew that I and only I had the power to rewrite it. On August 4th, 2010, I took control, and put a call to 911 for domestic abuse, a call that I still believe to this day saved and changed my life forever! I am now living the life that I chose and could not be happier! I am passionate about using my story and knowledge to coach and inspire others in similar situations!