Tosca DiMatteo

Founder and CEO at Tosca Coaching and Consulting LLC


Education: Rochester Institute of Technology - Michigan State University
New York, NY, USA


Tosca DiMatteo is a transformational leadership and career coach, a speaker, and the founder of TOSCA Coaching and Consulting LLC. She has the trained mind of a brand marketer and is a keynote speaker who makes her audiences feel inspired to take new actions. She provides real actionable tips for how to do just that. She’s a thought leader, an author, and a facilitator on the topics of personal and organizational transformation. Some of her most popular specialties include changing our relationship with our inner critics, holding boundaries, leading authentically, and brand building.

Tosca helps audiences feel empowered, confident, and more at ease traversing new growth trajectories. She has worked as a brand marketing executive for Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever, Kimberly Clark, Univision, Pernod Ricard (Absolut Vodka) and Wegmans Food Markets. Tosca knows how personal transformation leads to career and business breakthroughs. Her track record includes leading diverse, cross-functional teams and renovating beloved global brands in highly competitive categories, as well as work with small businesses and personal brands across a variety of industries.

Tosca is ICF certified. She lives with her husband and dog in Brooklyn, New York.


Purpose Passions:
- Quieting our inner critics
- Personal and organizational transformation
- Challenging the status quo
- Thinking differently
- Authenticity
- Eliminating limiting beliefs
- Building community
- Allyship and being a co-conspirator
- Redefining success
- Radical uplifting
- Living with Type 1 diabetes

Personal Passions:
- Photography
- International travel
- My dog
- Food (always planning my next meal)
- Hosting and gatherings
- Ride or die friendships
- Chosen family
- Oracle cards
- Candles

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Best Story

“You can do anything you want, except be a model”.

This was told to me at the age of 14, and I carried this with me for many years that followed, even through my corporate career. As someone with a cleft-lip-and-palate, it was especially devastating...UNTIL...

I saw a SEPHORA ad that showed a woman with a cleft-lip-and-palate modeling for the brand. And it hit me like a lightening bolt. The inner critic that had often run my life, was feeding me nothing but lies.

This is why I am a transformational leadership and career coach. I help people excavate their limiting beliefs and change the relationship they have their inner critic voices to unleash their full potential, unapologetically.

Origin Story

I knew from an early age what it means to feel 'othered' and 'less than', because I didn't look like anyone else in the rooms I was in. Limiting beliefs and inner critics plagued me in my youth and also as I pursued my MBA and the competitive consumer packaged goods space, where I built my expertise as a Brand Marketer.

These organizations were not designed to uplift, nor did they encourage me to lean in on my strengths and I bore witness to the impact these environments had on others as well. It pained me to dim my light and see others do the same and finally, I did the deep inner work to decondition myself and discover the truth about who I am and what I am capable of. This led me to pursue a new career to help individuals and organizations to transform their current reality and unlock limitless potential.

I'm passionate about empowering others to discover the narratives that are true, that serve them and that help them in living their biggest, most authentic life, unapologetically.

Example talks

KEYNOTE: Creating a New Relationship with your Inner Critics

ALT Title: Goodbye Inner Critics, Hello Inner Rockstar

Key Audiences: Experienced professionals in transition or stuck in their careers, heart-centered leaders, organizations committed to culture change

KEYNOTE: First keynote of two, which I will give at the Illinois Women In Banking Conference (
BREAKOUT SESSION: At the Maine Women’s Conference (
WORKSHOP: CEO with GoldmanSachs Entrepreneur Alumni (March 2023)
FACILITATED CONVERSATION: Publish Your Purpose Roundtable (January 2023), Power Women Today Circle (January 2023)

In a 2019 study of 2,500 workers across different industries and roles, 70% of people admitted to regularly lacking confidence in themselves when it comes to their careers and speaking up at work.

The closer we are to stepping out of our comfort zones, the louder our inner critic voices can get! When we act on these messages that don’t serve us, we may be limiting our potential, minimizing our ideas, and inhibiting our success. These inner narratives not only impact our relationship with ourselves, but also how we interact and build connection with others.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to identify your inner critics and start to build awareness for when and where they show up. You’ll also discover that you are NOT your inner critic and receive new tools in your toolbox for creating a new relationship with the record that keeps playing in your mind. With this newfound awareness and practical tools, you can start the process of truly taking back your power and confidence.

- Newfound awareness of how your inner critics may be holding you back
- Tips on how to change the relationship with your inner critic
- Unexpected ways to enable your confidence to shine
- Real stories about the messy middle of this work that will inspire you

KEYNOTE: Personal Branding: Your Truth. Your Worth. Your Future.

ALT Title: Branding U

Key Audiences: Experienced professionals in transition or stuck in their careers, heart-centered leaders

KEYNOTE: The second keynote of two, which I will give at the Illinois Women In Banking Conference (
WORKSHOP: ½ Day, Full Day, Two Day
FACILITATED CONVERSATION: Interactive format of live coaching and training

Building a memorable personal brand starts with you seeing the beauty of your own truth with more clarity and then shining your light in a way that energizes you and your audience.

Our personal brand is so much more than our work experience, and when we omit our full experience of life, we are leaving important parts of our journey on the table. Discover a new way to see your magic and unique capabilities and learn a new framework for understanding the essence of your brand. Whether you’re just starting your career or in the C-suite you will walk away inspired and thinking differently about how you can tell your story across mediums.

- Feel excited about your future and more confident in your path to date
- Think differently about you as a brand
- Gain new tools for understanding the bedrock of your brand
- Discover how to play your own game for the career breakthrough you seek

KEYNOTE: Your Brand IS Your Empire

Key Audiences: Entrepreneurs, small businesses or start-ups ready to uplevel or pivot their business

KEYNOTE: 45 min – 1 hr
WORKSHOP: ½ Day, Full Day, Two Day
FACILITATED CONVERSATION: Interactive format of live coaching and training

Building a memorable brand starts with you seeing the truth of your brand with more clarity. With this deeper knowing, you can own the power of your brand in powerful and impactful ways that both energize you / your team as well as your intended audience.

Our business and brand is so much more than the product or services we are offering – because there are hearts and humans behind it. When we omit important pieces of what makes our brand unique - including the history and evolution of it - we are leaving important parts of its DNA on the table, and likely dulling what should be vibrant, alive and ever-evolving.

Discover a new way to see the magic of the brand you have built to date and discover how you can ignite a whole new trajectory of growth. Come away inspired and thinking differently about how you can tell your brand story across mediums.

- Have a better understanding of how you can integrate your brands history / path
- Uncover what you may be hiding about your brand that needs to come forward
- Learn a new framework for understanding the essence of your brand

WORKSHOP / SERIES: Going All In for your Career Breakthrough

Additional Formats Available: Keynote, Facilitated Conversations
Key Audiences: Experienced professionals in transition or stuck in their careers, heart-centered leaders


In the pursuit of our career aspirations, we often first go to the tools and processes that are most readily available and talked about – like resumes and job search engines. However, unlocking our possibilities is first, an inside job.

Whether you’re seeking the next promotion, looking to change jobs, up-level your side-hustle or considering a whole different career, the key to unlocking what's possible is by playing OUR own game, versus following the old rules of landing the next opportunity. The key is to shift your mindset, narrative and to question the rules you are playing by. Shift your energy and you change the game.

- Be reinvigorated to go after the career you desire
- Think differently about how to approach your career aspirations
- Gain an understanding of what needs to be cleared to move forward successfully

PODCAST GUEST / PANELIST: Corporate Culture Revolution & The Future of Work

Additional Formats: Keynote
Panelist with Consciously Unbiased: Why Don't Workers Want To Go Back To Work?
Podcast Interview Roster:

The future of work is about putting humans first and moving away from the Industrial Age paradigm of efficiency and specialization. As we are now firmly in the information and service age, how we treat people will be the number one factor for success.

It’s time to re-define how we measure success, see boundaries as a leadership strength and embrace authenticity in leadership. It’s time to see people skills as THE driver of business results and invest and nurture people like they are the heartbeat of our organizations – because they are!

If you’re organization is struggling to embrace change – enlist your marketing department!

- Thought leadership from a practitioner on the topic of culture transformation
- Why marketers are best positioned to support culture initiatives
- Understand why companies need to take the lead in personal development


As host of my own talk show: Talk About It Tuesday, I have interviewed 75+ people to understand the messy middle of their personal transformations. By listening intently, holding brave space and being responsive to what comes up in the moment, I am able to host authentic, powerful conversations with others.

Talk About It Tuesday (Live Interview Platform):

In a similar fashion, I also hosted Feisty on Friday – a platform to share my thought leadership.
Feisty on Friday (Live on IG):