Gina Riley

Executive Career Transition Coach & Executive Search at Gina Riley Consulting

Human Resources

Education: Arizona State University, BS Organizational Communication - Antioch University, Masters in Whole Systems Design
Portland, OR, USA


Gina Riley is an authority in career transition at the powerful convergence of career coaching, executive search, and interview skills training. She created the Career Velocity™ system to help leaders and executives effectively map out and manage career transitions with strategies that last throughout their careers.

With an executive recruiter’s perspective advising boards of directors and leadership teams, Gina uses her expertise to pull back the curtain on unseen recruitment processes and unheard conversations to give her career transition coaching clients an edge.

Gina brings 20+ years as an HR professional from Fortune 50 to nonprofits, is a YouMap® certified coach, holds a Master’s degree in Whole Systems Design, and spends additional time consulting for Talence Group Executive Search. As a two-time Disrupt HR speaker and frequent presenter, Gina is sought after for her inspirational thought leadership on career transition management, professional networking, branding, and leadership development.

Gina’s point of difference is the creation of the Career Velocity program with a systematic approach to branding, storytelling, value proposition, and job search strategies which help people position themselves as a “business solution” with an undeniable “sharp tool.” Her clients say her unique approach helps them connects “familiar dots in new ways” that help them position themselves as authoritative problem solvers to accelerate career movement.

As a prolific writer, Gina’s popular series, “How Your Next Executive Role Finds You” showcases stories of leaders who made successful career transitions through the power of networking. A frequent podcast guest, her episode “How to Answer Any Behavioral Interview Question” on Find Your Dream Job is one of the most popular ever with over 18,000 downloads. You can find links to use right away at


Executive search & recruitment
Interview skills training for companies & candidates - I LOVE all things interview prep!!
Interview preparation
Job search & networking strategies
Thought leadership - we can all be a thought leader!
Resume development
Generating networking leads
Personal branding
Executive presence - I've written and spoken a lot about this topic. Also conducted facilitated sessions.
Disrupt HR - 2x speaker and most watched weekly video Nov. 2022.
YouMap Career Profile Assessment - I am a certified coach
StrengthsFinder 2.0
Adaptive Leadership
Entrepreneurship & small business ownership
Surviving breast cancer
Personal development
Leadership development
How to make the best margarita or old fashioned

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Best Story

I am futuristic, so I believe my best story has yet to be told.

That said, I love to entertain with my stories and presentations. One of my favorite stories is specific and relates to how executive and leadership level candidates can differentiate themselves with a "finalist presentation."

I had the honor to lead two separate CEO searches (for Talence Group Executive Search) where I guided the entire process and was "in the room" when the final candidate "won the job" by putting together and presenting a presentation about who they are and how they will serve the organization.

In turn, I have used this formula to coach my clients in my private practice. Not everyone gets the offer, even when they go to these great lengths, right?

I have worked with people who have won CxO jobs with this approach - but one person in particular came in number 2 for his dream company. He is a finance and data analytics executive who is a musician at heart. He interviewed for one of the top family-owned instrument makers (he uses their instrument), but lost the job to a more seasoned CEO who'd held the top role previously.

Bummer, right?

No - they came back a year later and asked my client to interview for a vacant board seat for his financial background and passion for the brand. He won his first board seat.

I have many client and candidate stories that relate to story telling and career transition. I think one of the best representations of my thought leadership is on the Find Your Dream Job podcast hosted by Mac Prichard (global rank in the top 5% of all podcasts). This episode has been downloaded over 18k times:

Origin Story

I like to help people better communicate their stories so they can be seen, heard, and considered an expert in their industry.

Inspired by personal development programs, at the age of 16, I initially thought I was destined to be a motivational speaker and would help people improve their communication and relationship skills.

After pursing a career in Organizational and Leadership Development I've taken my passion for clear communication and channeled that towards helping help people organize and communicate their career stories and professional brand attributes in a powerful way.

I now sit at the convergence of Executive Search consulting, career transition coaching, and interview skills training. My Executive Search experience gives me unique insights into what client companies want in a leader and how to recruit and interview top talent.

I see the mistakes executives make in interviews and able to bring those insights into an unparalleled coaching model I use with clients.

I also train managers to be more effective interviewers with a customized interview course I co-designed and deliver for Talence Group Executive Search and Consulting.

My Career Velocity System model is proven and has helped leaders I work with to transition to their next role in 4-6 months 85% of the time.

Constantly folding in fresh, relevant ways for my clients to accelerate their career transition success, I help leaders position themselves as authoritative problem solvers and unique solutions providers or a "business in a business".

My coaching approach is customized and individualized with focus on actionable ways to help clients get “career velocity” so they can deliver their career story in a powerful way that resonates.