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Education: University of South Carolina - Columbia - University of Alabama - Birmingham
Durham, NC, USA


Sybil Stewart is a compassionate contrarian whose speaking intersects culture, community, corporate, and creativity. As such, she's been called "a sage" and "the gentle authority on diversity."

Stewart is known for being a champion for troublemakers in the workplace and the world. Why? Because troublemakers are problem solvers, innovators, and change agents. If you want your org to grow and flourish in this new working world, now is the time to embrace those willing to REDEFINE PROFESSIONAL. She's got a sizzling message that will inspire you to action.

Formerly a Global Director of HR, Stewart spent her 15-year career launching and leading ERGs, developing DEI training curricula, and supporting executive teams.

Today, she is a Board member of Haven House Services (a nonprofit that serves to get youth who need a second chance) and volunteers as an Image Consultant for Dress for Success (a nonprofit that supports women entering work at all stages of life). In 2023, Stewart joined the faculty of Shaw University School of Business and Professional Studies.

Stewart's passion is to stop citing statistics that can't be changed, and start focusing on the future statistics that have yet to be created.


I am on a mission to redefine "professional" one powerful personal brand story at a time. I help corporate women earn their FIRST $100k IN RECORD SPEED.
Also me: multi-instrumentalist, award winning amateur baker, travel enthusiast, board member and Black Belt

Audience feedback
"Sybil has a wonderfully soulful compassionate way of helping women understand their journey, make peace with it and share their story. The world needs more healers like you."

"Working with Sybil as an educator and speaker has been a delight. She is articulate and approachable as an advocate for inclusion and knows her stuff! I have found her to be resourceful, reliable, and on point as an educator. She is one of the most prepared speakers I know… She is driven and yet flexible when problems come up and she rolls with it. You can’t go wrong with Sybil as your next speaker"

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Best Story

"You've committed career suicide." That's what I was told. It's amazing how casually we use phrases without recognizing the power and energy of words. Suicide is fatal. Finite. Quitting an organization that is not serving you well does not bring death, and yet that's the message.

Origin Story

I was told "no".
I wasn’t necessarily interested in being seen, but I did feel my story was worth sharing. I set out to open a holistic wellness center with emphasis on supporting the neurodiverse community. Attempting to secure resources provided locally, I was turned away. Told my idea was too big, that I was the "wrong person" for the concept, that I didn't have enough funding, and no investor would take the risk in "someone like me".

Because someone tried to tell me “no”, I now empower women, people of color and the neurodiverse to say yes. To create creative solutions as they embark on building a personal brand that positions them as the expert in the room. Corporations work with me when they are ready to redefine their brand identity for employee recruiting and retention.

My story was featured in Business Insider and since then I've been blessed to host a talk show on the Women Win Network.

Example talks

The Future of Work requires redfining professional

In this thought-provoking session, we delve into the future of work and explore the unique opportunities leaders have to successfully integrate Gen Z into the workplace, while strategically considering the emerging personas of Gen Alpha. As the digital natives of our time, Gen Z brings fresh perspectives, technological fluency, and a desire for meaningful work. However, to ensure a seamless transition and avoid reinventing the wheel, it is crucial to understand and address the needs of the upcoming Gen Alpha generation as well. Join us to discover actionable strategies, innovative approaches, and collaborative solutions that will pave the way for a harmonious future where generations thrive together, fostering a sustainable and agile work environment. Let's build bridges and embrace the potential of Gen Z while empowering the next generation, Gen Alpha, to excel in the ever-evolving world of work.

Familiarly Different: How Uniqueness and Commonality Create Space for Conscious Conversations

We've normalized the washing, muting, and minimization of select stories. Seen as statistically insignificant when measured against the masses – our society embraces selective memories of hard truths. People are now cringing at "another" diversity talk. Leaders fatigue as they continue to fight for equity. The fatigue and desensitization to such topics reflect a broader societal phenomenon. Our collective attention span, empathy, and sense of urgency have all been worn thin, rendering essential conversations about equity less impactful than they should be. To move forward as a society, we must address the normalization of minimizing essential narratives. Only then can we rekindle the urgency, passion, and empathy necessary to make meaningful progress toward a more equitable and inclusive world. It is essential to revitalize the conversation on diversity, equity, and social justice to break the cycle of fatigue and apathy through sharing unique stories that are familiar enough to rebuild communities.