Cathleen B.

Author, Educator, Psychological Hope Researcher, and CEO at The School of Hope

Education Management

Education: West Liberty University- Secondary English Education - Liberty University- Psychology
Warrenton, VA, USA


Cathleen Beachboard is an award-winning educator, best-selling author, TED talker, and leading innovative expert on raising psychological hope in schools. Her Building H.O.P.E.© framework has improved resilience, well-being, and achievement in thousands of schools across the country. As a sought-after speaker on well-being and retention, she provides practical tools and strategies for parents, educators, and leaders to increase hope so every person can thrive.


Helping people understand the power of hope and how every person has the ability within them to improve their resiliency, success, and well-being using the science of hope. I especially love helping those with trauma regain the ability to connect with others through strengthening psychological hope.

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


hope psychology employee retention and engagement wellbeing resilience hope thriving culture culture builder

Best Story

How Dr. Snyder proved to the world the power of hope in action when he did a live science experiment on Good Morning America! I tell this story in the TED talk video below under videos. Watch a clip of my TED talk to experience my speaking style and learn more about psychological hope.

Origin Story

I tell part of my origin story in my TED talk below. Watch it to learn what motivated me to learn more about hope and start my research!