Tiana Burse

CEO & Investor at District Media Press

Entrepreneurship and startups

Education: N/A - High School Graduate
Sacramento, CA, USA


Tiana Burse is a 40 year old serial entrepreneur. Tiana is most known from her widely popular online show called “Hustle Season” currently streaming on Facebook Watch. As the CEO and Co-Founder of District Media Press, a consulting and e-commerce marketing agency, Tiana engages with a variety of companies this allows her to have a specific vantage point through the data her company collects through the hundreds of campaigns running at a time. Tiana’s vibrant personality has allowed her to partner with 2 publicly traded companies and spearheading their global marketing initiatives. Most recently, Tiana has been featured on a regular basis on NBC, FOX, CBS, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq for her entrepreneurial insight, innovative web 3.0 perspective, Metaverse and Personal Branding Expertise.


Passion is vital in life period. No passion, no life is my personal motto. My passion is impact, education on what it really takes to really build a company / companies and the depth of what life is all about at the core of the soul. When everything is aligned that is where true happiness happens.

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Best Story

I have so many of what I would consider my "best story" but this is the one that matters most. You see, I am college dropout but never once did my parents force me into something that wasn't the right fit for me. To be honest, my dad was my biggest supporter when it came to my decision to go down the entrepreneurial journey. Unfortunately, my biggest supporter suddenly passed away 2 hours after I spoke with him 6 months ago (written October 7th, 2022). While that is and has been horribly heartbreaking, here is the story that everyone needs to hear from my dad. When I made the decision to drop out of college and figure out my talents, he quietly subscribed to Entrepreneur Magazine and would save each monthly magazine for me as an inspiration to continue on the path that comes with so many hurdles because lets face it, entrepreneurship is pretty difficult and in many moments tests your ability to keep going when you can't see the forest through the trees. So, each time he received the magazine in the mail he would call me and say "boog, I have something for you". Well, that became my focal point of reference to not only build something amazing, but also make my dad proud. Fast forward to a year ago, I not only was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, but also became a Contributor (currently) as well. When I gave him my feature lets just saw there were tears involved. Why is this story so important? Because, there is true power, actual true power in having a vision that fair exceeds yourself and that is what my dad gave me because it does not matter where you are in life, as long as you keep going, growing internally and pivoting, you can achieve what you is planted inside your mind. I can honestly say that without my dad saving those for me, I would not be here writing this today as a successful entrepreneur!

Origin Story

I learned a long time ago to partner with someone strong where you are weak and that has been my "ah ha" moment so to speak. Let me explain, I am a "self-made back to ground zero, rebuilding" entrepreneur. I made it, lost it and made it back again but fully aware of where I went wrong the first time which was trying to be strong in areas that I had no business being in. So, when I saw the world making a "social media shift" I did the best thing I could have done, which was calling up someone I "liked, knew and trusted" and partnered with him. He was in the tech space and as I am what some could consider a communicator we became a team of 1. We ended up building District Media Press, where we built out a company based on tech mixed with communication and branding. Our first year, we made headline news which became the foundation for where I am at today and yes, we are still business partners going into web 3.0.