Nino Fincher

Women Empowerment

Education: Tbilisi State University - Dallas Seminary, University Of Dallas
Dallas, TX, USA


From an early age fascination with people guided Nino’s pursuits in learning. She grew up speaking several languages and has studied philosophy, psychology, theology and fitness throughout her life .
She had trained some of the most elite clients as a personal trainer and as a counselor and coach - has worked with diplomats, teachers, CEO’s, other therapists, artists and many others in several countries.
She is a mom and a wife and understands how important it is to approach health comprehensively: addressing a human spirit, mind, heart and body as a whole.


The passion is freeing people who see no hope and unburdening them from emotional and mental blocks that prevent their success and knowledge of the Truth.

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

Everything is negotiable


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Best Story

Personally- forgiveness in Christ and what it means to be identified with Him;
learning first- hand all about depression and watching God move her through, and out of it.
Professionally- each story of a client coming to her with a weight of anxiety, fear or profound sadness and being completely changed a few hours later.

Origin Story

Some people think life ends at 50 or 60 or 70…nope!
Every bit of learning converges into a skill-set that is as unique as one’s fingerprint.
So Nino too played tennis for one of the leading clubs, trained at Cooper Institute in Dallas, has done professional voiceover, spoke at a TEDx conference in the United Arab Emirates, studied languages, ethics and philosophy and counseling and hypnosis to arrive at a incredible place today where she can see all of these skills used to help others.

Example talks

Fear: It could have been me…

A few stories of losers and why they missed out on greatness.

Thoughts can heal or kill.

What you choose to do with your thought habits can have two very different outcomes for your health.
How your thoughts affect your body and practical ways to direct them for your wellness.

Mind Rules.

Understand the unchanging rules under which a mind operates and make it work for you and not against you.

Slaying old dragons.

If the monsters of the past keep you from moving forward, how can you finally defeat them and leave them where they belong.

Body, mind, spirit.

All the great parts we are made of and why one cannot live without others .

Depression: is it really scary?

My story of healing.

What lies beneath.

Why getting to the root of an issue is so important in trying to change behavior.
Learn why it is so difficult sometimes and how finding it can free you to finally get to a change that seemed impossible.