Deanna Hinsz

CEO at CarbonSilk

Marketing and Advertising

Education: Youngstown State University
DeLand, FL, USA


Deanna Hinsz is a digital marketing strategist and seasoned entrepreneur with over 10 years of brand positioning and digital marketing experience across startup, nonprofit, public, and private sectors. She understood social media’s power and was an early adopter almost immediately. Deanna decided to leave her corporate job as a single mom in 2010 to launch an at-home business. A year later, she quickly gained national recognition and was awarded Top Moms in Business by StartupNation and Discover Card. a contest among companies in the United States that evaluates business structure, digital marketing, and influence.

Deanna is the Founder of CarbonSilk, a full-service digital marketing agency. As a national speaker, Deanna uses her background in psychology and experience in small business development to teach others how to create a successful digital marketing strategy and grow their business. Deanna’s down-to-earth humor and transparency compel others to laugh while they learn. She is passionate about people, leadership, and small business. She believes that everyone can create a life they truly love and find the freedom they desire.


My passion is two-fold. First, I love helping business owners understand how to use digital marketing best to boost their productivity and save them time! Digital marketing evolves at a fast pace, and trying to keep up with it can be exhausting. I love to wrap it all up in a beautiful package and deliver the tools and resources they need to grow their business.

My second passion is helping women entrepreneurs step out of their comfort zone and design life on their terms. This speaks to my heart because I was a single mom raising two young boys and working a corporate job. I understand the fear that goes into taking that step when your safety net doesn't exist. I also know what it takes to make it happen, and when I receive emails from past attendees sharing their success stories with me, it's as if I'm experiencing my own win for the first time all over again.

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Best Story

One of the stories I share from the stage is my own story. In 2010, I was a single mom with two young boys, and I had a job I loved. The income was great, as was the insurance, and it was filled with perks! It was the week before Christmas, and I was stressed. It's typically a very busy time of the year, which requires longer than normal hours, but this time the stress was multiplied. The company I worked for acquired a competitor, and we knew that some of us would lose our jobs at the beginning of the year.

This particular day, I was home - doing laundry and cleaning the house, when my youngest son came running in with excitement - "Mom! Mom! I know what I want for Christmas...AND it's only ONE thing."

For some, this might be good news, but not for me. It was the week before Christmas, and my shopping was done- and if a 10-year-old only wants one thing the week before Christmas, it's the most expensive thing in the world, or it's impossible to find.
I'm sure he felt my frustration when I looked at him and *probably said in a stressed-out mom voice* "What? What do you want???"

I was so irritated and already thinking of how I'm going to find time to find this one thing, not to mention buy my older son something else to make it fair.

He looked up at me, with that joy still in his eyes- he couldn't wait to tell me...
"Mom, the ONLY thing I want for Christmas is one day home with you where we can sit on the couch, watch a movie together and have hot cocoa"

My heart broke. I called my other son in the room to hear where this was coming from and they didn't hold back sharing all of the things I was missing and they wanted me there- their baseball games, school concerts and open houses.

They were right, but I was one person trying to pay the mortgage and give them everything they wanted- vacations, the latest video games and trendiest tennis shoes.

They looked at me and said that none of that mattered to them. They wanted me.
I tried to explain what life would look like without my current job.
They kept telling me that they didn't care- They wanted me.

I promised them I wouldn't miss another event. I quit my job, started a business out of my home and have never looked back.

Origin Story

After I quit my corporate job to launch my business- I had NO idea what I was doing. I turned to social media to promote it- because I was broke. My budget was a whopping $0! During this time, there weren't many businesses using social media, but it was all I could afford. I painfully learned how to build my own website and, a year later- was honored by being one of the winners of Top Moms in Business by Discover Card and Startup Nation.

I received a lot of media attention and women began to reach out to me and ask how I did what I did. I would meet with them one on one, and then as the groups grew- I hosted workshops. One day, i realized that what I had was something real and something I was truly passionate about- I launched CarbonSIlk and was invited to speak at conferences, sharing my story and knowledge with business owners.

Example talks

The power of Google Ads: Advanced Strategies

Recommended for those who are:
*Able to setup their own Google Ads account
*Confident navigating around Google Ads accounts
*Have a basic exposure to excel filtering & pivot tables

Key Takeaways:
*Budget Optimization techniques using a regression formula
*Advanced Concept Testing: moving beyond A/B ad testing to testing concepts
*Improving Geotargeting for Local Businesses With A Double Campaign Structure
*Identify Opportunities Between Organic & Paid Listings
*Implement Machine Learning features within Google Ads to benefit your account in ways that human optimization could never reach

The Courage to Fail

Failure is often seen as something negative. In reality, failure is not only a positive thing but necessary if you want to find success.
Key takeaways:
* Learn to love failing
* How to shift your mindset when it comes to failing
* Understand why failing is needed for success

Email Marketing: How to Turn Subscribers into Customers

We spend so much time worrying about social media, but the truth is, we don't own that piece of real estate. We are only renting it. Any of these platforms can disappear at any given time leaving us with nothing...ZILCH!
One piece of real estate you DO own is your EMAIL LIST! You will learn:
* How to grow your email list
* How to create that great freebie
* How to write that welcome email
* How to nurture relationships to turn subscribers into customers

Women Entrepreneurship: Pushing Boundaries and Breaking the Rules are:

* How men and women are represented in the business world individually
* The psychological characteristics of women in business
* How men are psychologically wired in business
* What we can learn from each other
* How to use those differences to create powerful results in business