Paula White

Leadership DJ, President at Paula S White LLC DBA Side B Consulting

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: University of Kentucky
New Albany, OH, USA


As the author of Side B: Remix Your Leadership Style, Paula has an unwavering passion for music and people. She understands that some people are promoted to leadership positions because of their current business knowledge, but this does not mean they know how to be an effective leader. Paula specializes in coaching these leaders and helping them grow into more extraordinary figures that others will want to engage with. By motivating results and productivity, her method allows teams to become more dedicated as well as productive; resulting in increased revenue.

A globally recognized sales leader, Paula has leveraged her talents to scale Inside Sales Teams into multi- million stand-alone sales channels. She has helped organizations achieve 8% - 10% yearly compounded growth, demonstrating success in a wide variety of industries to include travel and tourism, investments, veterinary and healthcare distribution.

Passion for education and leadership is a driving force behind Paula’s success. She has a true desire to see the success of others and transforms their ambitions into her own! She focuses on fostering the talent of the next generation.


In today's fast-paced world, change is the only constant. Companies need leaders who are both business savvy and intentionally connected to people. This combination of knowledge and intuition allows mid-level leaders to excel in any professional setting, from startups to global corporations. If you want to be ahead of the game, The Both/And Approach to Leadership is the answer. This coaching program will help leaders become a well-rounded leader by educating them to rely on both business skills and people skills.

I am on a mission to bring people/relationship skills to the forefront of leadership and transform today's workforce to step into their humanity to lead, that would be my greatest reward!

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Best Story

As a 10-year competitive swimmer, I'm setting my sights on the Olympic Games.
I'm there, on the block, smelling the chlorine, getting focused, and waiting for that moment.
Swimmers Take Your Mark
Get Set
(BANG) ... I dive in.
I feel the water breaking over my head and my strokes are moving at the tempo of my heart beating.
As I watch the black line pass by, I start to feel at peace, the only thing in my head is my music to help me stay in sync with my strokes, and I am completely in rhythm to win!

To push myself , I’ve created "competitive drive songs" that play on repeat. "Go, I am Almost There", "Go, I am Almost There" reminding me I am strong, capable, and determined.

Then...… the race is over; the song fades just in time for me to immediately look up to see my time and results. I have a few seconds to judge my success or failure before I jump out of the pool and it’s on to the next race.

Fast forward, as a corporate sales leader, I continue to hear those songs keep playing in my head. (Go, WE are almost there) (Go, WE are almost there)

Once again, as a sales leader, I only have a day to think about the results before moving on to the next goal.  Then the busier I get; the music slowly begins to fade. In the hectic and competitive world or corporate sales, there is very little time to strategize or pursue other crucial objectives, like developing people.

Even though I still have drive, the rhythm feels different.

Origin Story

AH-HA Moment: My husband and I flew to Atlanta to see one of my favorite bands, The Struts, live.

They're playing at a quaint venue, so we get there early with our VIP access to meet the band members. We sprint to get front-row seats.... I forgot that that in these types of venues that the first floor is known as the mosh pit, which is standing room only.

Yea - being my age, which you can figure out later, we decide to go under the rope barrier and head straight upstairs for excellent seats - first row - center stage of the balcony.

As I am enjoying the evening and singing every song – out of tune – naturally.
There is a moment – during the show that my mind shifts, I couldn't take my eyes away and I notice the relationship and energy between the audience (fans) and the band. The floor is packed with singing fans, that are clearly enjoying themselves.

At that moment, I asked myself, What if Leaders could "rock" that same kind of attention with the teams. The Side B Band was formed to help leaders tune into their people/relationship skills!

Music and Leadership - Leadership and music.....What does that look like...

Example talks

Create Your Unique Leadership Beat: Breakout Session

In the past, a leader was often thought of as an authoritative figure giving commands whilst employees blindly followed them. When corporations started booming, the style of leadership began to reflect that of the Military. As technology advanced, leadership styles began to adapt. The modern-day leader recognized that their teams were made up of individuals with their own thoughts, opinions, and emotions. Leaders need to know who they’re leading: what motivates them, what their values are and how they think. This means leaders need to understand the "Both/And Approach to Leadership".

In this session, Paula White, President Side B Consulting, will show participants how to adopt the "Both/And Approach to Leadership". We spend so much time developing our Side A (Resume Skills), that Side B (Relationship Skills) tends to be put on the backburner until we realize that we invest more time in data than people. She will show how this approach explores the benefits of head and heart. She will discuss the advantages of becoming a leader who is both business savvy and emotionally connected.

As the Leadership DJ, she will mix-in the music of the “Both/And Approach to Leadership” to create a leadership beat that will move you and your business forward. Get ready to rock your leadership skills with Paula White!

Key Learnings:
- The importance of the “Both/And Approach to Leadership”.
- Advantages of engaging both Side A (Resume Skills) and Side B (Relationship Skills).
- Strategies for becoming a leader who is both business savvy and emotionally connected with their teams.

Choose Your Words Wisely: Breakout Session

There are times that using the wrong words can diminish your value. Why not use words to create something powerful and memorable instead?

The use of language is one of the most fundamental aspects of being human. It’s what allows us to communicate thoughts and feelings, to build relationships, and to create bonds that unite and encourage. Through words we can inspire, motivate, create change, and, when used thoughtfully, words the power to help us achieve great things.

This breakout session will focus on the importance of choosing words carefully to ensure they are as impactful as possible. Paula White, founder of Side B Consulting, will be teaching us how to craft messages and choose words that invite creativity and innovation. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the power of language!

Come and join us to learn how you can use language to make an impactful statement. You’ll leave the session with a greater understanding of the language and its ability to create a lasting impression on those we work and interact with. Sign up today! Seats are limited. Let's choose our words wisely!

Key Learnings:
-The power behind well placed words.
-The impact of tone when speaking.
-Strategies for refining word choice.
-Tools and methods for successful communication.
-Confidence in your word choice as a leader.

The Unexpected Listener

Listening is one of the most important skills people possess, yet it's often one of the hardest to master. Where are you on the listening spectrum?

In this breakout session, we will explore the three different stages of listening and learn how to apply them in our personal and professional lives. This presentation is for those who are looking to become better communicators and foster stronger relationships with others.

Paula White has created an experiential breakout with a musical twist! She delivers an interactive and fun session, so that participants can learn to reflect on how they currently listen, refine their listening skills, and remix what they have learned into something game changing.

This breakout session will help you take your communication skills to the next level so that your results are amplified. Come join us for a session full of music, learning and fun! It's time to become an unexpected listener.

Key Learnings:

• How to break down the three stages of listening
• Exploring and understanding active listening
• Practicing active listening and incorporating it into your everyday life
• Learning how to apply and remix your new skillset

The Success Cornerstone: Breakout Session

It's no secret that accountability in the workforce is on the decline. According to a recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fewer than half of all employees feel accountable to their employers compared to two years ago. This industry leading presentation will explore some of the causes of this shift and offer practical strategies for creating a more ownership-based culture in your organization. If you're looking for ways to increase productivity and improve morale, this session is not to be missed!

We will explore today's meanings of responsibility, accountability, and ownership and how they drive people to achieve their goals. This is an interactive session that will allow participants to share their own experiences and learn from one another. By the end of the session, participants will feel more empowered to take ownership of their lives and work. They will also be better equipped to create positive change in themselves and those around them. With a focus on personal growth, this breakout session will leave everyone feeling energized and better position the business for greater success!

Paula White, Leadership DJ and President of Side B Consulting, teaches that in both life and leadership. To bring back a sense of ownership to the workplace, it is important to create an environment where all people feel empowered and valued. If we want positive outcomes, then we must be willing to take responsibility for negative consequences as well.

Key Learnings:
- Understand the meaning of responsibility, accountability, and ownership.
- Recognize how our choices affect our lives and work.
- Lead with Accountability and Kindness
- Learn how to shift our energy for positive change.
- Feel empowered to take ownership in life and careers.

Side B: The Secrets of Leadership Rock Stars!

When the daily grind consumes our focus, it's easy to become tone-deaf to what counts most — people. That can leave us singing the blues about the resulting attrition, lost productivity, and lower bottom line. Instead of the classical management playlist focused on procedures and data, today’s rock star leaders are playing an alternative tune -- forming meaningful relationships with their teams for radically better results!

What if we could remix our leadership strategy, using music to orchestrate something uniquely collaborative? Music can magically unlock creative potential, strengthen relationships, and inspire people. When used as both a metaphor and a management tool, music puts us better in-tune with our teams, both intellectually and emotionally. We’ll hear beyond the details of the data - to truly understand the melody of people's motivations. By mixing resume skills with people skills, leadership rock stars hit play on ALL leadership capabilities, maximizing productivity, retention, and revenue.

Paula S. White, the Leadership DJ, helps leaders spin a new track for success! Her entertaining and interactive keynote illuminates how music can act as a universal language and a management tool. Her hot beats like "Learning to Fly" or "Who Are You?" will get your audience tapping their toes while reflecting on their leadership style. They’ll refine their hidden leadership potential and behaviors, and they’ll remix their own personal leadership playlist, to propel their business to a new crescendo!

Are you ready to top the charts of success?

Key Outcomes:

• Compose an atmosphere of collaboration and success.
• Listen to your inner melody to remix your own, unique leadership playlist.
• Leverage the “Both/And Approach to Leadership.”
• Unlock the power of music to energize teams and proactively manage moods.