Shelley Goldstein

Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer at Remarkable Speaking

Public Speaking/Storytelling

Los Angeles, CA, USA


With over 30 years of senior level management, entrepreneurship, marketing and design expertise, Shelley Goldstein trains global audiences how to powerfully command executive presence and master the art of effective speaking. She understands the demands of the evolving workplace—with its increased emphasis on communication skills and leadership influence—and has helped hundreds of people in over 40 countries across a wide variety of industries develop the skills necessary to be empowering, remarkable speakers and lead with more impact.
Shelley shares her expertise as a frequent podcast guest, speaker and presenter and member of the National Speakers Association. In addition, she leads interactive webinars and corporate training and is a Gold Tier Facilitator for Google’s #IamRemarkable global initiative.

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


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Best Story

I learned how to ride an elephant in Madison Square Garden during my first job as a costume designer for Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey Circus. That opportunity gave me creative freedom like I never imagined and put me on a first name basis with clowns. One day the clowns, in full comedic regalia, saw me through the window of a busy midtown restaurant where I was having lunch with friends. They came inside just to say hello. As a young professional, I was mortified. I am telling you this because I learned years later that instead, embracing my uniqueness is a story worth telling.

Origin Story

The silence was uncomfortably awkward and what may have been seconds, felt like forever!

I was paralyzed. I was part of an ensemble performance in college and when it was my turn to speak my lines, my mind went blank. I have an outgoing personality, maybe even ambivert but from that day onward, I restricted my speaking to behind the scenes.

My lack of confidence speaking in public haunted me for years. As a Marketing Director and Senior Designer, I was overlooked for job promotions and I let important business connections dwindle. I had this feeling of being left behind as I watched others succeed.

It wasn’t until years later that I became my first client. My journey to improve my speaking skills taught me that every opportunity to present is a conversation. I now speak on stages around the world, am a frequent guest on podcasts and coach high level executives how to be world class speakers.

None of this was my career plan. And here I am, a Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer helping others to reach their unrealized potential and achieve success.

Example talks

How to Overcome Confidence Envy

Are you feeling envy because your colleague oozes with confidence? Do you currently have lots of stress prior to meetings and want to learn how to manage your anxiety? Join us for this session on upskilling your public speaking, and they’ll envy you!

You'll learn proven strategies and practice exercises to build confidence, reduce rambling, and gain control over your nerves. Plus, I give you a few tips on how to recover under pressure. Plus, you can download my 5 Days to Confidence Challenge!

Turn envy into opportunity: gain your competitive edge, deliver impactful presentations and showcase your knowledge with confidence that everyone else envies!