Family and School Engagement Specialist at We Teach Life Skills

Professional Training and Coaching

Education: San Jose State University
Pleasanton, CA, USA


For the past 35 years, Laurie Erceg has enjoyed successful careers in business, healthcare and education.

A college and high school teacher for 25 years, her experience led her to career and academic advising, family engagement workshops and providing presentations on a variety of topics for parents, children and teens.

Laurie possesses a distinctive talent in personal empowerment as well as matching parents and educators with behavior management skills. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Education at CSU Sacramento and her teaching credential at San Jose State University. Her specialized approach to teaching, along with the principles from the Love and Logic® program, she reveals how parents can use new techniques as a real game changer.

Laurie Erceg lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and would consider it a privilege to work with your family, community, school or organization. Booking a consultation can bring you closer to enjoying the benefits of her knowledge.


Supporting parents with family engagement strategies and educator training in schools. I love my work.

I am willing to travel

More than 100 miles

When it comes to payments

I generally get paid for speaking but make exceptions


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Best Story

On of my favorite stories is how a young man of seven was chosen as the leader at the next family meeting. When asked about the agenda, he said about his younger sister, "Katelyn keeps hitting me in the arm and THAT's going on the agenda"!!!

Origin Story

My a-ha moment was seeing my juniors and seniors insecure and uneducated about the life skills that allow young folks to go out in the world with courage and confidence. I am also a veteran parent and teacher of Love and Logic. That's how We Teach Life Skills was born.