Anne Bibb

Founder & CEO at Remote Evolution

Dallas, TX, USA


Anne Bibb is a recognized remote/hybrid work and customer experience expert. She has worked with organizations to help them expand geographically to more than 25 different countries, primarily through remote work. By partnering with federal and local governments, she has helped organizations create thousands of jobs. She also works with non-profits around the globe to create remote work opportunities for LGBTQIA+, women, and refugees.

Anne is a big-picture thinker with proven experience driving operational excellence and consistency regardless of employee location. She looks between the lines and numbers to challenge the status quo and lead with the view to “think different,” challenge the old and find the new normal.

Anne uses her eclectic background to be a thought leader for change in the EX & CX industry through her advisory and consulting firm Remote Evolution, and its subsidiary CX Evolution. She has worked with organizations within nearly every industry. She focuses on the total experience by tying together employee (EX), the user (UX), multi- (MX), and customer experience (CX) for a holistic total experience (TX) map.

Noted by clients and employees as an inspirational and transformational leader, Anne leads with compassionate candor and humor. She works to understand and identify the capabilities of each individual person to build strong collaborative teams, placing integrity, employee experience, and customer experience front and center of the overall vision. One of her largest assets is having the courage to challenge the conventional, as well as relying on informed intuition, and instinct for what works. Utilizing these skills, she brings a proven record of successfully designing and implementing employee experience, customer experience, operational strategy, growth strategy, and new business strategy at a global level to increase revenue, increase client retention, improve performance, and exceed corporate growth forecasts for an overall positive impact from a financial management perspective.

In addition to over a hundred webinars and in-person events throughout the years, Anne has written dozens of blogs regarding remote work, EX, CX, and TX. She advises outsourcers, major organizations, contact centers, and industry associations on important matters such as remote and hybrid work as well as best practices in setting up their sales, customer success, onboarding, and service delivery - all with an eye toward EX and CX.


In her spare time, Anne loves to travel domestically and internationally. She enjoys learning the history of each country she visits, seeing how the local culture has developed over the years fascinates her. She then implements the learnings into her work helping organizations achieve local and cultural relevance in each new geography having a positive EX and CX impact.

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Best Story

I have more stories than I can put into words, and can usually find a story to fit any occasion. Here are snippets of some of my favorites:
1. Many years ago, I was contacted by a bank in the UAE regarding a pilot program for women working from home. There is a lot more to this, but the gist is that we started the pilot with less than 50 women and after a few months showing the proof of concept was successful we were able to grow this program to over 400 women working from home in 3 cities in the UAE.
2. Along these lines, I have partnered with non-profits and governments around the world to help companies to expand and help create more than 10k jobs for women, LGBTQ, and refugees around the world through my client’s organizations.
3. How I went from one to four children literally overnight. One of my best friends had cancer for several years. She and I were attending the youngest graduation from Marine Boot Camp, and she took her last breath on graduation day. The only thing she wanted to do was see him be a Marine and she accomplished it. She also asked that we adopt all of the kids, and even though they were adults now we continued to bring them into our family – because they had been all along. I will never replace their mom, and I don’t want to, but I am now Mama Bibb and they know I will always be there.

Origin Story

Anne has an eclectic background that started with tragedy, and she fought her way to success around every corner. She witnessed the abuse of her brother as an infant, was kidnapped as a child and suffered immense amounts of depression as a teenager. As an adult, she became a parent and decided to turn it all around. She thought she was going to go to law school but then fell in love with the hospitality industry and call centers. She started working remotely in the 90s as a young parent and realized the benefit of flexible work through remote work was going to help her succeed. That is when she truly blossomed. Her kids are now grown, and with more than 25 years of EX/CX and Remote/Hybrid expertise under her belt, she does what she loves to do: speaking, consulting, and helping others discover the same joys she has discovered for herself.